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Let's talk mental health

We help you spot the red flags that could signal a possible mental health condition.
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It’s important to Open Up about Mental Health

Mental health is linked to the idea of psychological wellbeing. This means that you have a sense of stable and positive emotions and good interactions with other people. When your mental health is in order, you are able to cope with different situations, including those that are stressful. You are also able to make calm and careful choices. However, there can be times that you experience mental health problems.
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The Legal and Tax Side to Mental Health

If you have experienced mental health problems that are very severe, you might need to take disability leave, or even have to leave your job completely.
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When your Holiday Does Not Feel Jolly

Often when we look at Hollywood versions of holiday time, we see a picture of happiness, warmth, and lots of quality time with friend and family. However, for many this is not the reality. In fact, for many people the holiday time can be very lonely.
Anxiety And Stress

The lockdown and situation with COVID-19 is making me feel very scared and anxious

Your feelings are entirely normal for such an uncertain and unsettling situatio
Health Burnout Feature

Burnout: The prevention and the cure is care

We take some time to appreciate the vital part that care plays in our wellbeing. Caring for others, their care of us and especially care of ourselves is vital to recovery, resilience and resolute forward momentum.
Heal Real positivity 2023 Feature

Positivity in Real Terms: Embracing Balance and Authenticity

Explore the consequences of toxic positivity and the importance of embracing a healthy emotional balance. Learn to recognize and address negative emotions while respecting others' experiences. Discover the true meaning of positivity and its impact on genuine connections. By embracing all emotions, we can achieve authentic well-being and strive for a balanced life.
Health Ke Dezemba Feature

Happy Holidays: A Goal and a Reality

It has been quite a year and there is a definite sense of anticipation as the holiday season approaches. But are you excited or relieved? Either way Mzansi, it will all be ok. We’re doing better than we think we are.
Health Toxic Productivity 2023 Feature

Feel like you're never free of your workday?

Throughout our lives, we get told that we must be productive members of society. We want the freedoms that come with the compensation that usually goes with being productive, so we strive to be better and achieve more and earn as much as we can. But is all this productivity just damage disguised as discipline?

Do you or someone you know seem to suffer from depression or mental illness?

Here are some signs to look out for to determine if you need help.
VAS suicide Feature

We don’t talk about it. The silence around suicide

It is difficult, both for those who have to try and manage feelings of despair that may lead to suicidal thoughts, and for those who try to be there to listen but don’t necessarily understand.

Are you suffering from Depression, Panic or Anxiety

Questions you could ask yourself to assess whether your stress or anxiety may require some professional help.
Funeral Importance of funeral cover Feature

Understanding the Crucial Role of Funeral Insurance

Losing a loved one marks one of life's most profound and challenging experiences. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, practical matters such as funeral expenses can add an overwhelming burden.
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Legal&You Newsletter October 2021

It's a self-care kind of summer and as your companion, we're constantly looking for ways to add value to your life and be a companion to you and your family. This month we want to help you focus on health & wellness
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Prioritizing Mental

Prioritising Mental Wellness

Mental wellness is a vital part of your overall health. Find out how to prioritise yourself.
Promoting Mental Wellness Through Creative Outlets Feature

Promoting Mental Wellness Through Creative Outlets

As we commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month, it's important to understand the profound impact creativity can have on our emotional and psychological well-being
October 2022 Webinar Feature

Coping Hacks for changes and challenges

Finding power in the process, kindness, consequences, and incognito caring are just a few of the excellent points addressed, watch the video for more.

All About the Balance

Anxiety. Frustration. Fear. Depression. Exhaustion. In the face of all these things, it can feel like there is no room to move, improve or thrive. When we walk the tightrope of everyday life, its pressures and the pressures we put on ourselves, we need to find that balance. Join us as we dig into bringing some harmony to your wellbeing