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We’re always going above and beyond to constantly help our clients through various life’s stages and changes. That’s why we’ve introduced TeleTeacher, an added Legal&Tax benefit for our Legal Prestige and Legal Prestige+ clients, which provides educational help to grade 1 – 12 learners countrywide, across all major CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) subjects aligned and relevant to both public and private schools, in all major subjects in English and Afrikaans.

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Mathematics
  • Life Orientation
  • Business Studies
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Science
  • History
  • Geography
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Why use TeleTeacher?

Your child might be academically capable, but simply too shy to ask a question in front of classmates, or maybe he or she has been ill and missed a lesson. Perhaps your child just needs someone to patiently explain a question or section they are battling to understand.

When you dial 011 242 5333, a skilled teacher from TeleTeacher, equipped with expertise and experience, will assist your child with their schoolwork-related problem.

Times of service: Monday to Thursday from 18h00 - 21h00
Please note that service is not available on weekends, public holidays and during school holidays.

Always have your cellphone number, ID Number or Legal&Tax Policy Number on hand when calling.

What else TeleTeacher offers:

  • Tutoring: Ask a question about homework or a subject to one of our skilled teachers.
  • Career Guidance: Find out which subjects best suit which careers.

To find out more about TeleTeacher, call 011 242 5333 or SMS "Teacher" to 31690

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