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Funeral Rising risk of road deaths 2023 Feature

Accidental Death and Road accidents

As many of us are gearing up to go home and away, we need to talk about road safety. We all know that the roads are actually a dangerous place, but we don’t always remember that while we’re walking or driving.
Legal Anti Scam AI Feature

Anti-Scam AI

We have put together this list of common scams and the best way to use our AI Lawyer to protect yourself against anything that might try to ask for personal details or actual money.
Funeral Death and Taxes 2023 Feature

Death & Taxes

Understanding Estate Tax in South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide and What to Expect as a Beneficiary
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Why My AI Lawyer is changing the face of legal advice

My AI Lawyer is making legal services more accessible and affordable, right here in South Africa where access to justice is still one of our biggest issues.
Funeral What happens if no one claims your body 2023 Feature

What happens to you if no one claims your body?

The hardest day of your life will be the day that you admit that you cannot afford to say goodbye to the people who mattered most.
Legal Working loving living in SA Feature

Working, loving & living in SA

The 24th of September is a special day to us all. After Freedom Day, it’s our most widely appreciated and celebrated public holiday because it represents what was once used to divide us, and how we have turned it around into what makes us stronger, together. In all our races, cultures, beliefs and traditions, we can kick back and celebrate our heritage.
Legal Divorce The fork in the road to freedom Feature

Divorce & the Fork in the Road to Your Futures

You’ve tried your best. You’ve done what you can. Sometimes, it is just not going to work. It’s time to get divorced and choose a new path and a new life.
Legal Rules and Regulations of Winter Feature

Winter Safety Guidelines: Ensuring Your Safety and Comfort

As Winter arrives in South Africa, it's crucial to prioritize safety and comfort. This article provides important guidelines for choosing the right heating options, such as paraffin and LPG, while emphasising the need to adhere to safety regulations. It also offers tips for safely using paraffin and handling LPG cylinders. Additionally, the article discusses responsible practices for open fires, including selecting appropriate materials and maintaining a safe distance from flammable objects. By following these guidelines, readers can ensure their well-being during the colder months.
Funeral Youre never too Feature

Why you are never too young or too old to plan ahead

In South Africa’s bustling streets, where vibrant cultures intersect, there lies a profound truth that transcends the bounds of time and tradition: the inevitability of death. While the topic may seem morbid or uncomfortable, forward-thinking individuals are increasingly recognizing the importance of early funeral planning as a means to embrace their mortality and experience a newfound sense of vitality.
Legal The quest for employment Feature

Good news! The quest for employment continues.

You would be forgiven for thinking that might be a bleak intro to an article on employment, but bear with us. The road goes up and down, and we cannot lose faith in tomorrow.
VAS Life long learning comes with lifelong testing Feature

Lifelong Learning for Lifelong Testing

The greatest lesson we never learnt at school was how much we will have to learn on our own. From Grade One to Matric, we can’t wait “to be done with school”. Ha. Tell us another one.
Legal The Future of Work Feature

The Future of Work

This article discusses the challenges and opportunities facing the future of work in South Africa on Workers Day, including high unemployment rates and the impact of automation on the labour market. It emphasises the importance of investing in upskilling programs to prepare the workforce for the demands of the 21st century.
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Legal expense insurance provider launches AI lawyer in South Africa

Legal&Tax and Legal Interact have launched an amazing AI lawyer in South Africa! With expert legal advice from Legal&Tax, this revolutionary technology uses the Open AI/ChatGPT framework and the South African legal system to provide accurate insights. You can access this incredible AI lawyer through WhatsApp. Although the AI lawyer isn't a fully-fledged lawyer, it's a massive leap forward in finding answers to legal questions.
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The perks of quick legal advice, and how you can get it instantly

This article explores the benefits of on-demand legal advice and how it is transforming the way South Africans access legal services. With the AI Lawyer on WhatsApp, users can receive quick and accurate legal answers to their queries, anytime and anywhere, without the need to schedule appointments or wait in long queues.
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How AI-powered legal assistance is changing the game

AI-powered legal assistance is rapidly transforming the legal industry and making legal services more accessible and affordable. This article will highlight the benefits of AI technology in the legal industry and how your legal AI bot on WhatsApp is making a difference.
March 2023 Budget banners feature

Human Rights: The How & Why

Ever wondered how your human rights work? Ever thought about whether or not your rights can be taken away from you? Or how we are going to workout the rights and responsibilities around AI? Answers to all of these fascinating questions are right here!
Funeral Freedom to Choose Burials cremations or get turned into bling Feature

Burial or Bling?

From mushrooms to diamonds, here are five weird and wonderful ways to spend eternity.
Legal Oh SA Feature

Oh SA, fairest of them all

Tired of all the negativity? Five reasons why the South African Constitution is an international champion.
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