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Legal hub

What is gross misconduct

What is Gross Misconduct, and could it cost you your job?

There are varying degrees of issues you may face in the workplace that could lead to a difficult work environment, from incapacity to negligence and misconduct. This article will help you understand the differences between these infringements and how to approach disciplinary matters with our assistance.
The rights and costs of purchaing property

Your rights when purchasing a property - interest rates and insurance costs

Most of us dream of owning our own property, however, this is a costly endeavour and we may need to obtain a loan from a bank. We explain in this article your rights as a property owner and the two types of interest rates for such a loan as well as the various insurances involved in owning property.
constitution of south africa

The constitution of the Republic of South Africa and how it protects the human rights of the individual

Constitutional Supremacy is of the utmost importance. This in essence means that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. This article will specifically deal with how the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa safeguards our human rights.
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Love and the law

Love & the law webinar

We discuss cohabitation, common law marriage, marriage types, agreements and divorce.
Children's rights

Children's Rights

View our infographic for a breakdown of basic children's rights
Article Themes website November 20212 gender based violence

The shadow pandemic – Don’t be a victim, break the silence!

As the COVID-19 pandemic ran rampant in our society, a second pandemic of domestic violence filled the homes of innocent women. Learn more about gender-based violence cases during lockdown in South Africa and the proactive steps you can take to ensure your and your loved one’s safety.
Criminal law

Criminal law webinar

We discuss the various laws around drinking and driving, paying an admission of guilt fine, COVID-19 violations as well as police conduct.
Last will and testament1

Who can be a witness to a will?

Watch this video to find out who is competent to witness a will
Last will and testament2

Can you write your own will?

All you need to know about drafting your own will
Last will and testament3

What makes a will valid?

Here are the requirements for a valid will
Last will and testament4

What is an Executor of an estate?

Watch this video to learn more
Last will and testament5

Who should have a will?

Watch this video to see if you need a will
Last will and testament pic

What is a will and testament?

Our Head of Legal Helpline, Michael Visser explains this estate planning document
Legal and tax tips

Legal&Tax Tips

Our Head of Legal Helpline, Michael Visser shares some helpful legal tips
Last will and testament

Wills & Estates

Watch our webinar where Head of Legal Helpline, Michael Visser answers your frequently asked questions about wills and estates.
landlord and tenant

Landlord and tenant – A rocky Relationship?

Learn about the legislature and regulations that govern this relationship
How to guide
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Child maintenance – the facts!

Every child is entitled to receive maintenance for their basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, education and health care.
Women and the law image

Women and the law

The law protects and promotes the rights of women and gender equality. The law is a tool to end gender based violence, sexual harassment and discrimination against women. The law also offers women access to justice following victimisation.