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We offer you unlimited advice on any personal tax matter around the clock. This service is provided over the phone, but where necessary we will also assist with:

  • Face-to-face consultations with you (Johannesburg branch only)
  • Communications with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) on your behalf

This service is included in The following plans:

Completion of tax returns

As an exclusive added benefit for Legal Prestige + and Legal Prestige members we will also assist with the completion and submission of your tax returns.

Fees apply to the previous year’s tax returns.

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This service includes

  • Assessment audits
  • Objections against assessments
  • General tax queries

Waiting period

There is a one month waiting period from first successful debit for Tax Return submission to be completed.

Outstanding tax returns from previous years

There is a R450 tax levy per outstanding tax return from previous years.

Legal Prestige+: Included

Legal Prestige: Included

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What documents are required for the completion of an annual tax form? (ITR12 Tax Return)

  • Correctly completed power of attorney. We will not be able to complete your tax returns without this
  • Copy of IRP5 tax certificate
  • Copy of medical aid tax certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of retirement annuity tax certificate (if applicable)
  • If you’ve received a travel allowance/or an employer provided vehicle (company car)
    • Full details of your vehicle
    • A copy of your logbook specifying business kilometres
    • From 1 March 2010 a logbook is mandatory according to SARS (The South African Revenue Service)
  • Income other than your salary must be declared, for example business or rental income, interest earned or Crypto currencies with full trading schedule
  • Section 18(A) certificates for any donations that you wish to include in your tax return
  • If you are registered for eFiling, please forward your login details and password, which we require in order to submit the tax returns. Once we have confirmed your submission is complete, please update your password
  • Any correspondence you receive directly from SARS

Please include your policy, ID number or contact number when sending any documentation to Legal&Tax

Where to send these documents


Fax: +27 (11) 728 0910

Should you have any queries, please contact us at Legal&Tax on 0860 587 587 or SMS "Tax" to 31690

When must I submit an annual tax form? (ITR12 Tax Return)

  • If you earn more than R500 000 per year.

In June 2019 SARS increased this limit from R350 000. Even if this now excludes you from submitting a return, it may be a good idea to reconsider skipping this filing season, for example maintaining an unbroken tax record with SARS stands you in good stead.

  • If you have worked for more than one employer during a tax year (March to February the following year).
  • If you were not employed for the full tax year.
  • If you receive income other than a salary or pension, for instance: interest on investments, rental or business income, including a lump sum from a pension or provident fund.
  • If you make medical aid, or retirement annuity contributions, that are not administrated through your employer’s payroll system.
  • If you receive any allowance from your employer, for example a traveling or subsistence allowance.
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