Legal You August 2022 Feature

Legal & You August 2022

In our latest edition of Legal&You, we take some time to reflect on the ones who have raised this nation with compassion, courage and charisma. We honour that resilience in this month's newsletter, with articles that feature the different ways we can enhance and learn from that strength to continue to raise this nation.
Health Burnout Feature

Burnout: The prevention and the cure is care

We take some time to appreciate the vital part that care plays in our wellbeing. Caring for others, their care of us and especially care of ourselves is vital to recovery, resilience and resolute forward momentum.
Bright futures Feature

Brighter futures

While we are working towards making better lives for our children and our families, we can underestimate the challenges that can come when we lose a parent or guardian.
VAS Teleteached Helping hand Feature

A helping hand and a step up

So much has changed in our daily lives, it can be difficult to ensure that we are on top of everything and helping hand would make a huge difference. Especially when our kids need help with homework, it can be be the difference between them passing and failing, or even between a distinction and pass.
Rights to reality Feature

Making your rights a reality

We are deeply proud of the South African Constitution and everything it has achieved, and will continue to achieve as long as we are diligent in protecting our rights. We look at the different ways that every South African can protect themselves and their rights, with the correct guidance and support.
Tax Talk Feature Image

Tax Companion webinar

Our tax consultant Thembani Mtamo dives into your most frequently asked questions around the 2022 Tax Season. He covers the importance of submitting a return, even if you're under the threshold, supporting documents for claims, and much more.
Last will and testament

Joint Will and Last Testament Template

A joint will is the will of two people contained in a single document. Typically, a husband and a wife will execute a joint will. Joint wills have various advantages and benefits depending on the aims and goals of the parties involved.
Template contract
Legal You July 2022 Feature

Legal & You July 2022

In our latest edition of Legal&You we shine a light on our nation's companions, domestic workers, and the laws that protect them, we discuss how to check if your funeral cover is through an authorised FSP, lastly we help you navigate through these colder months to keep the snacks to a minimum and your body healthy throughout. In honour of Mandela Day on 18 July we will be celebrating #67WaysWeAreYourCompanion.
Avoid Funeral Cover Scams Feature

Avoid funeral cover scams

Funeral policies are there to help soothe the grief of a final goodbye to a loved one. When policies are not what was advertised, it adds to the pain. This month, we outline how you can check that your funeral policy is not a scam.
Dom workers Feature

Domestic workers, our nation’s companions.

The last few years have seen improvements made to the conditions of employment for South Africa's domestic workers. Our July article details everything a domestic worker's employment should include, to make sure that you are up to date and compliant.
Winter Wellness Feature

Winter Wellness

Summer's healthy habits can be a struggle in the cold, but the extra effort is worth it. Here's a list of 5 key things to keep in mind this winter.
Tax smart Feature

2022 Tax Companion

Tax season 2022 is here and so are the answers to the Top 10 most frequently asked questions about income tax.
Legal You Q2 2021 Feature Story square images6

What you need to do if your child is choking

If your child starts to choke, will you know what to do? Thanks to ER24, this short video will help you learn how you could save your child's life. #IWishILearntThatInSchool – Part of our series supporting the youth.
African businesswoman smiling at desk 299130290

Budget Breakdown

Budgeting #IWishILearntThatInSchool – Part of our series supporting the youth. Breakdown your necessities, savings and luxuries. Access other #IWishILearntThatInSchool articles and videos With Legal&Tax you’re not alone. Auth FSP
Tax return submission

Three ways to register as a taxpayer

Not sure how to register as a taxpayer? Our expert outlines three ways to make sure you're registered with the South African Revenue Service.
Woman holding rands

Understanding your payslip

#IWishILearntThatInSchool - Part of our series supporting the youth. We all like getting paid, but understanding the paperwork that goes with it is important. Check out your payslip to make sure you have everything you need.
Tax Talk Feature Image

Tax benefits for independent contractors

#IWishILearntThatInSchool - Part of our series supporting the youth. Did you know you can deduct work related expenses from your gross income?
Blue icon heart health

Hands only CPR

#IWishILearntThatInSchool - Part of our series supporting the youth. Hands only CPR is without mouth to mouth breaths but can be just as effective as conventional CPR. We show you how to perform this technique to help save a life.