Legal You May

Legal&You May 2022

In our latest edition of Legal&You we provide insightful information that not only supports our upcoming Workers' day, but also highlights the importance of company policies which, if followed can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your employer. We also touch on frozen assets when a loved one passes on, keeping your immune system sharp during winter and more.
Dealing with death and frozen accounts

Death & frozen bank accounts

When you die your assets are frozen for the executor of the estate to correctly assess the value and determine the solvency of your estate.
Tips to combat winter colds

Combat those winter ‘sniffles’

No one wants to muddle through the winter months feeling tired, run-down, and sick all the time. When it comes to keeping your family as healthy as possible, an ounce of prevention is most definitely worth a pound of cure.
What is gross misconduct

What is Gross Misconduct, and could it cost you your job?

There are varying degrees of issues you may face in the workplace that could lead to a difficult work environment, from incapacity to negligence and misconduct. This article will help you understand the differences between these infringements and how to approach disciplinary matters with our assistance.
Steps to take when faced with a sudden loss of income

What to do in the event of a sudden loss of income

Losing your job or having to pay for unforeseen expenses like vehicle repairs, or a medical emergency can instantly change your financial situation. What can you do?
Legal and you march 2022

Legal&You March

April is a time for us to celebrate the importance of family and individual freedom. Our latest newsletter provides insights on legal, funeral, health and debt matters.
Adequate funeral cover for your family

The importance of adequate funeral cover

The price tag for giving your loved one a dignified send-off can dramatically increase as you add on the costs of catering, flowers, and tombstones and other cultural or religious requirements based on your beliefs.
Interest rates and debt management

The interest rates of credit agreements and how to better manage your debt

The costs of interest can quickly become exorbitant. Read the pros and cons of the different types of interest and avoid any unnecessary debt.
Vaccination and immunisation

Vaccines and immunisation

Immunisation is a global health success story that saves millions of lives every year. We take a look at the development of vaccines and how cutting-edge technologies are changing the vaccine landscape.
The rights and costs of purchaing property

Your rights when purchasing a property - interest rates and insurance costs

Most of us dream of owning our own property, however, this is a costly endeavour and we may need to obtain a loan from a bank. We explain in this article your rights as a property owner and the two types of interest rates for such a loan as well as the various insurances involved in owning property.
Legal You February 2022 Main banner3

Legal&You February

March is a time for us to reflect on the rights that protect us and ensure vital services such as access to healthcare and a dignified funeral for our loved ones are always made available.
Budget 2022

Budget speech highlights webinar

We unpack key economic and tax highlights
constitution of south africa

The constitution of the Republic of South Africa and how it protects the human rights of the individual

Constitutional Supremacy is of the utmost importance. This in essence means that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. This article will specifically deal with how the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa safeguards our human rights.
Health and democracy

Your Right to the access of HealthCare in South Africa

Access to health care is a basic human right. The right to health care can however be limited in certain instances, depending on the availability of resources. We discuss these points in further detail including if you have the right to refuse treatment
Consumer rights

Consumer rights explained

As consumers, we have rights when purchasing goods in-store and online. We help you understand these rights and provide you with the steps you can take to ensure that goods purchased meet your expectation.
human remains and burials

Rights and regulations around human remains and burial

We discuss the legal aspects of human remains and the rules in relation to all matters related to the disposal of dead bodies
Love and the law

Love & the law webinar

We discuss cohabitation, common law marriage, marriage types, agreements and divorce.
Children's rights

Children's Rights

View our infographic for a breakdown of basic children's rights