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A Guide to Personal Income Tax

The laws and rules about income can seem very complicated. Luckily, our tax expert Johan Swart is here to explain the process to us in a clear and user-friendly way.
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Legal&You Newsletter Q2 2021

South Africa is currently facing a difficult period and we have collectively experienced the shifts and changes of the social and economic climate. But despite the disruptions, there are green shoots of recovery.
Debunking vaccine myths Comorbidities

What are comorbidities?

Professor Barry Schoub explains what comorbidities are and why you should take care of your well-being.
Debunking vaccine myths JJ vs Pfizer vaccine

What is the difference between the J&J and Pfizer vaccine?

Professor Barry Schoub lists the key differences between the J&J and Pfizer vaccines.
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Does the COVID19 vaccine cause infertility?

The COVID19 vaccine does not cause infertility. Professor Barry Schoub, Chairperson of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Vaccines provides us with facts to disprove this false information.
Debunking vaccine myths Does RNA affect your DNA

Will an mRNA vaccine alter my DNA?

Professor Barry Schoub cofirms that mRNA does not affect your DNA.
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How to get your COVID-19 vaccination

This easy to follow guide provides the information you need to register on the Department of Health's Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS)
Debunking vaccine myths Different COVID 19 variants explained

Different COVID-19 variants explained

Why does the coronavirus change? Professor Barry Schoub discusses the mutant nature of the virus and the different COVID-19 variants that have been identified.
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Fitness matters

Former international athlete, Reece Turner shows you how to move your body everyday to get your heart beating and blood flowing. He is joined by his mom who is a qualified Pilates instructor.
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Professor Barry Schoub talks about the safety of the quickly developed COVID-19 vaccine

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe? Expert Professor Barry Schoub answers the frequently asked question around the quick development and emergency approval of the COVID-19 vaccine.
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How to keep safe during the COVID-19 third wave

South Africa is experiencing its COVID-19 third wave. We provide essential tips for you and your family to keep safe and limit the spread of the coronavirus.
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Anxiety and trauma during civil unrest

As South Africa faces times of distress and uncertainty, it is essential to provide safety for yourself, and your loved ones, including children. It is important that we stick together as one nation and restore calm to our beautiful country. We provide tips below to help you and your family cope through these challenging times.
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Dealing with fraud as a result of identity theft

We help you safeguard your personal information to prevent this criminal offence against you.
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Wrongful death

Losing a family member due to misconduct or negligence is painful. We discuss how you can seek justice on behalf of your loved one for a wrongful death action.
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Tax 101

We simplify the complexities of the tax system and provide you with the basic principles in a way that is easy to understand.
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Steps to take to avoid going to court

Going to court is costly, time-consuming and should be the last resort. We show you ways to resolve disputes without having to go to court.
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Small claims court

We show you a quick and easy way to resolve financial disputes.
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Providing for your children even after you’re gone

Leaving behind a life insurance policy, writing a Will and setting up a Trust provides financial support and protection for your children in the event of your death.