&Funeral: Gold

Funeral Gold
Funeral Gold
R107 per month

Up to R10 000 funeral cover for you, your spouse and children under 18.

The Funeral Plan covers you against
Accidental death

Covered immediately after you take out your policy

Death due to natural causes

Covered after a 6-month waiting period provided that you have paid your monthly premiums in full.


Covered after a 12-month waiting period provided that you have paid your monthly premiums in full.

The Funeral Gold plan covers the whole family to the following values
  • Main member: R10 000
  • Spouse: R10 000
  • Child (14-18 years): R10 000
  • Child (6-13 years): R5 000
  • Child (1-5 years): R2 500
  • Child (0-12 months): R1 250
  • Stillborn (after 26 weeks): R1 250
Why our Funeral Plan works for you

Cooling-Off Period with a Money-Back Guarantee
If you are dissatisfied with your package, we will give you a 31-day money-back guarantee during the cooling-off period from the date you sign up.

Payout in 24 hours
Valid claims will paid within 24 business hours from the moment your claim documents are received and the claim is approved.

With Funeral Gold you’ll also get
Legal advice

Should you need advice from a lawyer, we offer face-to-face as well as telephonic guidance.
Services provided by Legal&Tax

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Tax advice

Get advice on all tax matters. What ever your question or concern, we can assist you.

Our expert tax advisors offer face-to-face consultations with you in our Johannesburg branch, or we can assist you telephonically or via Skype.
Services provided by Legal&Tax

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Debt Assist

We provide unlimited debt and budgeting advice as well as free access to your annual credit report. We will facilitate debt negotiations, credit report disputes, ID theft and Debt Review.
Services provided by Legal&Tax

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Exclusive features already added to this plan
Grief counselling

Once you have made 6 consecutive payments on this plan, you or your beneficiary qualify for a once off grief counselling session if and where necessary.
Services provided by ER24

Funeral Gold Airtime

We give you or your beneficiary a once-off airtime voucher of R107 (or the closest voucher amount available on your network) to assist you in making funeral arrangements. This benefit applies once you have made 6 consecutive payments on this plan.

Add these exclusive benefits on to your Funeral Gold plan
Trauma Assist

We believe in being your lifelong companion. In emergencies or times of stress, we’re the ones to call.

With Trauma Assist you get emergency medical response and transportation, as well as telephonic nursing assistance and trauma counsellors available to support you.
Services provided by ER24

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Accidental Death Benefit

For just R13 extra per month get an additional R10 000 to cover the funeral costs of a death resulting from an accident (such as a car crash).

This benefit is only available for a person older than 14 years old.

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What’s not covered?

The most common reasons for non-cover include claims directly or indirectly related to substance abuse, contravention of the law or suspected fraud, and death of a foreign citizen outside the borders of South Africa. 

Read the full policy document detailing the terms, conditions and exclusions.

Funeral cover planning
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