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Child maintenance – the facts!

Every child is entitled to receive maintenance for their basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, education and health care.
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Maintenance Matters

When it comes to children’s rights, the law can serve as their strongest guardian. In fact, according to the law, parents have a duty to support their children until the children can support themselves.
Funeral And Estate Planning

Is your estate in order?

Making sure you have a funeral plan that provides for a dignified burial may be the first step you take, but there is so much more to consider. These considerations must be stated in your last will and testament.
Protecting your Right to Parent your children

Protecting your Right to Parent

Every parent wants to make sure that their children are safe, nurtured and secure. Even if you are unmarried or divorced, the law is on your side when it comes to your rights as a parent. Let’s take a closer look at how the law helps protect your parenting rights
Law the ultimate protective parent

The Law is the ultimate protective parent

The role of a mother and father are understood in different ways by the diverse cultures and groups in our society; however, the family law in South Africa makes sure that at its core, mothers and fathers are treated equally and also given the responsibility to care correctly for their children.
dealing with divorce

Dealing with Divorce

Divorce is a difficult reality. While the emotional pain is hard to bear, Legal&Tax Services can at least be your companion in offering expert legal advice on this process.
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Legal&You Newsletter Q3 2019

In this edition we highlight some of these benefits. You can view all of the benefits for here.
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All you need to know about emoluments order or “garnishees”.

Legal Divorce The fork in the road to freedom Feature

Divorce & the Fork in the Road to Your Futures

You’ve tried your best. You’ve done what you can. Sometimes, it is just not going to work. It’s time to get divorced and choose a new path and a new life.
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Cohabitation, engagement and the myth of the common law marriage

We debunk the notion that a couple living together for many years creates automatic legal rights and duties between them.
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The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is a government entity responsible for distributing social grants to more than 16 million South Africans. Who is eligible for social security?

How to apply for new ‘lockdown’ grants

We are living during difficult times as the world battles against the COVID-19 coronavirus. As we try to save lives, unfortunately many people’s livelihoods (the money they earn from the work they do) are gone. However, if you have been affected by this situation, the government is trying to support you. They are offering different kinds of financial help. Read below for our guide on how to get money that can assist you and your family to survive:
Funeral Thriving Death Industry Feature

Maintenance in South Africa

Discover the importance of maintenance in South Africa to ensure financial support for dependents. Learn about the legal obligations, types of maintenance, calculation methods, and the process of obtaining maintenance. Seek expert guidance from Legal&Tax.

Legal Insurance Prestige Plan


&Legal: Prestige+

All you need to know, from getting help to protection orders.
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What is Legal Expense Insurance

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Love and the law

Love & the law webinar

We discuss cohabitation, common law marriage, marriage types, agreements and divorce.
Legal and tax tips

Legal&Tax Tips

Our Head of Legal Helpline, Michael Visser shares some helpful legal tips