Your life long companion

Your life long companion
We can assist you at every stage of your life
From birth to death, for work, personal and everything in between, it is our aim to be your lifelong companion. This infographic shows you how we are there for you at every life stage.

Starting your first job?

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We can help with

Reviewing your employment contract

Registering you for tax and assisting you with your tax returns

Giving you general tax advice

Assisting you with labour disputes

Giving advice on work permits

Setting up your first budget

Retrenchment benefit to cover your premiums when you’ve been a fully paid member for 12 months or more.

Buying or selling a car?

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We can help with

Providing you with your credit check

Reviewing the purchase agreement

Reviewing the insurance policy

Providing an agreement for the sale of a motor vehicle

Budget advice and debt advice for car instalment repayments

Providing a legal letter of demand if your landlord breaks your lease agreement.

Bail assistance and a lawyer on call when you are stopped at a roadblock

Trauma Assist, to be used in the event of an accident or other traumatic events

HealthCare hospital admissions in the event of an accident

Moving into your own home?

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We can help with

Template of lease agreement

Reviewing your lease agreement

Reviewing your insurance policies for household contents

Trauma Assist for house break-ins and or events involving a household fire

Debt Advice when considering financing furniture and other household items

Providing a legal letter of demand in the event that a landlord does not obey the lease agreement

Legal advice if you are having problems with neighbours or the body corporate

Buying a house?

Deceased Estate planning
We can help with

Providing you with your credit checks

Reviewing your offer to purchase

Reviewing the agreement with your bank

Assistance with your rates and taxes

Assisting with a letter of demand

Budgeting advice

Advice on the transfer of property ownership

Our lawyers provide advice if you are having problems with neighbours

Selling your house?

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We can help with

Reviewing the buyer’s offer to purchase

Advice on the transfer of property ownership

Renting out your house?

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We can help with

Providing a template lease agreement

Providing a letter of demand for rent owed

Dispute resolution

Legal advice if an accident occurs on your property

Tax advice on additional income

Getting married?

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We can help with

Drafting an antenuptial contract

Writing up a joint last will and testament

You can also add dependents to your policies as your family begins to grow

Advice on different types of legally binding marriages

Trauma Assist to assist with accidents or domestic violence

Budgeting advice

Advice about tax benefits for when you get married

A legally married spouse gets automatically covered under the policy at no extra charge

Uncontested divorce after 6 consecutive premium payments

Having Children?

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We can help with

Dealing with old age & death?

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We can help with

Trauma counselling when a loved one is ill or passes away

Updating your will

Advice on estate planning

Accidental death benefit

Tax advice for estates

Funeral cover to ensure that your family can give you the dignified burial you deserve

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