Your lifelong companion

Your lifelong companion
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This infographic clearly shows the area in which we can support you. Use our services as you grow and experience new challenges in your life. What stage of your life are you currently in?

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Buying or selling a car

Moving into your own home

Buying a house

Selling/renting out your house

Getting married

Having Children

Dealing with old age & death

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In the Media - South Africans Doing Great Things

Darren Cohen, General Manager at Legal&Tax, shares how The Company is contributing to the community and making a difference this Mandela Day
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In the Media - Driving Access to Justice This Mandela Day Through AI

Darren Cohen, General Manager at Legal&Tax, joins Africa Melane on the Early Breakfast show to discuss how Legal&Tax is leveraging technology and artificial intelligence to drive access to justice this Mandela Day
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Press Release - Promoting Access to Justice

Legal&Tax, a leading provider of legal expense insurance, is proud to promote access to justice. "For over 20 years, we have been driven by our unwavering commitment to ensure that every person in South Africa has access to legal advice and assistance. By providing accessible legal support, we aim to bridge the gaps in access to justice and empower our community." said Benjy Porter, CEO of Legal&Tax.
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