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Legal& Tax helps to break down barriers to justice. Globally almost 5 Billion people have unmet access to justice needs. As a companion to all South Africans, we provide once off free legal advice. However, as a Legal&Tax client, you get unlimited legal advice and assistance backed up with the promise of legal representation when you need it via your legal expense insurance plan.

Our professional lawyers can assist you

Legal advice for Labour matters

Unfair Dismissal, retrenchment, sexual harassment, discrimination or poor working conditions.

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Legal advice for Civil matters

If you need to sue, problems with your lease or landlord, car accidents and 3rd party claims.

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Legal advice for Criminal Acts

If you have been arrested unlawfully, do you need to expunge a criminal record have been assaulted, threatened or abused.

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We can assist with legal advice for:

Starting your first job?
  • Reviewing your employment contract
  • Assisting you with labour disputes
  • Giving advice on work permits
Buying or selling a car?
  • Reviewing the purchase agreement
  • Reviewing the insurance policy
  • Providing an agreement for the sale of a motor vehicle
  • A lawyer on call when you are stopped at a roadblock
Moving into your own home?
  • Reviewing your offer to purchase
  • Providing a template lease agreement
  • Reviewing the agreement with your bank
  • Assistance with your rates and taxes
  • Assisting with a letter of demand
  • Advice on the transfer of property ownership
  • Our lawyers provide advice if you are having problems with neighbours
Getting married?
  • Drafting an antenuptial contract
  • Writing up a joint last will and testament
Having Children?
  • Updating your will
  • Advice on estate planning

With Legal&Tax you have a lifelong legal companion.

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Legal&Tax helped me get my money back

I paid a ticket fine for my employer and he promised to reimburse me, but failed to do so despite numerous requests. Legal&Tax had to step in and send him a letter of demand, I received my money within 24 hours thereafter.

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Website testimonials banner 1978 x 7806
Tshepang, 24 | Welkom | Legal Pocket Plus client
Tshepang, 24
Legal Pocket Plus client
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