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Legal You July 2022 Feature

Legal & You July 2022

In our latest edition of Legal&You we shine a light on our nation's companions, domestic workers, and the laws that protect them, we discuss how to check if your funeral cover is through an authorised FSP, lastly we help you navigate through these colder months to keep the snacks to a minimum and your body healthy throughout. In honour of Mandela Day on 18 July we will be celebrating #67WaysWeAreYourCompanion.
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How to write a meaningful eulogy

A eulogy is the speech that is given at a funeral. Although this is a very sad time, a eulogy will acknowledge not just the tragedy of the person’s passing but will also pay tribute to the life that they have lived and the love that they have inspired.
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How AI-powered legal assistance is changing the game

AI-powered legal assistance is rapidly transforming the legal industry and making legal services more accessible and affordable. This article will highlight the benefits of AI technology in the legal industry and how your legal AI bot on WhatsApp is making a difference.
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Legal expense insurance provider launches AI lawyer in South Africa

Legal&Tax and Legal Interact have launched an amazing AI lawyer in South Africa! With expert legal advice from Legal&Tax, this revolutionary technology uses the Open AI/ChatGPT framework and the South African legal system to provide accurate insights. You can access this incredible AI lawyer through WhatsApp. Although the AI lawyer isn't a fully-fledged lawyer, it's a massive leap forward in finding answers to legal questions.
Dom workers Feature

Domestic workers, our nation’s companions.

The last few years have seen improvements made to the conditions of employment for South Africa's domestic workers. Our July article details everything a domestic worker's employment should include, to make sure that you are up to date and compliant.
Tax smart Feature

2022 Tax Companion

Tax season 2022 is here and so are the answers to the Top 10 most frequently asked questions about income tax.
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Diabetes Awareness – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Many people do not know that they are diabetic until long-term damage is done by the disease. In this article, we help you identify some of the signs and symptoms and advise you on how to treat diabetes.
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The perks of quick legal advice, and how you can get it instantly

This article explores the benefits of on-demand legal advice and how it is transforming the way South Africans access legal services. With the AI Lawyer on WhatsApp, users can receive quick and accurate legal answers to their queries, anytime and anywhere, without the need to schedule appointments or wait in long queues.
New Job

New job, new you

10 tips to help you get on the right side of the law, right from the start of a new job
Budgeting and debt management tips

Budgeting and debt management tips

How to proactively deal with your debt
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Episode 4: The Psychology of Food Labels

It's proven that we give ourselves permission to eat more because the Food Label says "Low Fat" , "Low Calorie" or "0 Sugar".
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Mindful Eating Tips - Introduction

Mindful Eating Dietician Consultancy are introducing a series on healthy eating for the next 7 weeks. Stay tuned.
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Tax Companion webinar

Our tax consultant Thembani Mtamo dives into your most frequently asked questions around the 2022 Tax Season. He covers the importance of submitting a return, even if you're under the threshold, supporting documents for claims, and much more.

Episode 2: Dehydrated Foods

The dangers of dehydrated foods when we're not aware of the calorie intake.
Get out of debt

Conquer your debt in 2022 webinar

In this webinar, we help you deal with your debt after the December holiday season, show you how to tackle the back-to-school-season and plan and budget for financial success in 2022.
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Episode 3: Calories In Alcohol

It's often tough to admit, but the reason many people can struggle to lose weight is because they often don't understand the amount of Calories in a glass of wine.
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Be sharp at work

Your guide to dismissal, put together by your lawyers.
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Workers Day Article 2019

Making Labour Law Work for you

Now that we enjoy living in a democracy, the law is designed to make sure that workers have rights and are treated equally. We call the different laws that deal with work, labour laws. The key law for the workplace is the Labour Relations Act (LRA). The purpose of the act is to ensure economic development, in the interest of society, democracy and peace.
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