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Man With Debt

Debt Dictionary

Got a question about debt? The answer may be here.

Debt Counselling:

Did you know that almost half of South Africans are in debt and struggling to pay it back?
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Christmas debt? Not this year!

Make sure you (and your bank account) are ready for the Festive Season with Legal&Tax by your side.
Credit Scores Article

Open Doors With Good Credit Scores

Before you commit to credit, you need to make sure that you can pay back this money in a responsible way.
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Home Repossession

We explain the foreclosure process and give you tips to help you save your home from repossession.

Interest rate caps on credit

Credit providers must disclose all fees, interest and charges before any credit is given but consumers must also make an effort to determine and understand the maximum fees that are allowed and to ensure that charges levied by the credit providers are lawful before accepting the credit
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Debt is expensive

The longer you leave it, the higher the cost of repayment. In this economy, you do not want to fall victim to the next series of interest rate hikes.
Debt review

How to deal with creditors while you're under debt review

Here's what you need to know
Debt assist benefit

How Legal&Tax's Debt Assist benefit can help you

Smash your debt in 2022
What is the snowball effect method

What is the snowball effect method?

The best strategy to pay off your debt
Back to school

When should I start prepping for back to school season?

Plan ahead for your child
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Member Guides Site Banner Debt Councelling

Debt counselling: is it for you?

Understanding the debt review process and how this can protect your assets from being repossessed by your credit provider.
How to guide
Member Guides Site Banner Credit Reports

Do you know your credit score? You should!

We discuss how a credit report can help you keep up to date with your financial status by doing a credit bureau check.
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April 2021 Webinar Legally Binding Email Header3

Legally Binding Webinar

We discuss contractual obligations, the debt collection process and how to avoid being blacklisted.
over indebted

What to do if you’re over-indebted

Find out how to deal with too much debt
Avoid more debt

How to avoid starting the year off with more debt

Strategies to get you out of the debt trap

Understanding credit life insurance

If you are struggling with financial distress at the moment and are unable to make loan repayments you may have the ability to cover your debts if you are retrenched or due to other life events. Alternatively you need to approach your bank to make alternative payment arrangements. We unpack your options
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Webinar: You Don't Owe Them a Thing!

If you have been relying on someone else to pay your bills, whether it’s your credit card, your rent or your car repayment, and that person decides that they’re not paying anymore, you’ve got a problem. Ever since a certain DJ gifted his girlfriend a car or two, and then had them repossessed when they split up, there has been the need to talk about what gifts and ownership really mean.