Christmas debt? Not this year!

Christmas debt? Not this year!

Make sure you (and your bank account) are ready for the Festive Season with Legal&Tax by your side.

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Begin with a budget
Don’t get yourself into a spin thinking about ways to pay for all your Christmas expenses and gifts. Rather, begin with a budget and set aside an amount that you can afford to spend. Once you’ve allocated how much to spend, break it down according to who you’re going to spend on, and how much.

To find out the best way to budget, download our Guide to Budgeting here.

Start saving… now
Have you ever wondered how much you could save by cutting down on those little ‘extras’, like your daily cappuccino? If the average cuppa is R25, you could save R500 this month simply by drinking regular coffee from the office. Once you’re at it, try your hand at bringing leftover dinner for lunch every day, instead of buying from your local canteen. You’ll be surprised when you notice how easy it is to save when you cut out those seemingly little expenses.

Pick your number
Chances are that if you’re struggling with Christmas costs, others are too. So why not broach the subject with family and close friends, and suggest a limit of no more than R100 on gifts per person. Imagine how relieved everyone will be.

One for all and all for one
Consider getting a gift that everyone will like, like a board game, puzzle or chocolate-filled hamper. That way, instead of buying a gift for each family member, give one big gift that everyone can use and enjoy.

Bring and braai
The days of one person being responsible for Christmas lunch are over – it’s time for everyone to chip in. Suggest that each family member take on responsibility for one aspect of the meal. One person can be responsible for drinks, while another brings decor. That way, the total party planning and expense isn’t left to you.

Do you need help working out your finances? Who doesn't!
Don’t let the Festive Season get you into financial trouble or debt – our experts are here to help and are waiting for your call.

With Legal&Tax you’re not alone

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