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Flu Article

Stop flu from infecting you!

Legal&Tax’s medical experts are here to inform you about the key facts of flu and how to help prevent you and your family from getting sick this season.
Vaccinations Article

Be Part of the Vacin-Nation

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Be Aware of Malaria

We need to be aware of a greater risk mosquitoes bring: Malaria
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We live in a world where HIV is prominent. Thankfully, it is easier now than ever to know your HIV status, and to live a long, healthy life regardless of your status.
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World Aids Day

A quick read to help you avoid or manage HIV infection.
Vaccination and immunisation

Vaccines and immunisation

Immunisation is a global health success story that saves millions of lives every year. We take a look at the development of vaccines and how cutting-edge technologies are changing the vaccine landscape.
Tips to combat winter colds

Combat those winter ‘sniffles’

No one wants to muddle through the winter months feeling tired, run-down, and sick all the time. When it comes to keeping your family as healthy as possible, an ounce of prevention is most definitely worth a pound of cure.
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Invest to End TB. Save Lives.

It’s Time… To talk about TB. To Know my TB status. To step up the fight to end TB. For a World without TB

Do you or someone you know seem to suffer from depression or mental illness?

Here are some signs to look out for to determine if you need help.
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When Spring brings on the Sniffles

Spring is here and while we all dream of spending time outdoors, enjoying fresh air and beautiful flowers, this time of the year also marks the beginning of ‘Allergy Season’.
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It’s important to Open Up about Mental Health

Mental health is linked to the idea of psychological wellbeing. This means that you have a sense of stable and positive emotions and good interactions with other people. When your mental health is in order, you are able to cope with different situations, including those that are stressful. You are also able to make calm and careful choices. However, there can be times that you experience mental health problems.
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Be blood (ubuntu) brothers & sisters

Every few seconds, someone, somewhere, needs blood. This is the message from the World Health Organisation ahead of World Blood Donor Day which is remembered around the globe every year on 14 June.
Helping Eachother

Tax for Gogo and Gramps

There are very important financial and tax factors to keep in mind when approaching retirement, and thereafter.
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Coronavirus - Fake news

Coronavirus is emerging in more countries around the world and there's currently no known cure. Unfortunately that hasn't stopped a slew of health advice, ranging from useless but relatively harmless, to downright dangerous.
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