Navigating Medical Emergencies

Navigating Medical Emergencies
A Guide to Peace of Mind in South Africa

According to Gauteng Health MEC Nomantu Nkomo-Ralehoko, only 56% of critically ill calls within urban areas of Gauteng receive a response within 30 minutes from public ambulances.

Dr Avron Urison
Dr Avron Urison - CEO: HealthCare Plan
13 February 2024 | 3 minute read
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Additionally, the Gauteng Department of Health reveals an average response time of 30 to 60 minutes for ambulances in the province, a far cry from the international standard of seven minutes for life-threatening calls. Conversely, private ambulance services offer swifter responses, ensuring stabilization and swift transportation to medical facilities, often with specialized care en route to the hospital. In the event of a medical emergency, every minute counts. For South Africans, being prepared means not only having access to reliable emergency services but also ensuring financial security during times of crisis.

Legal&Tax clients have added protection

Legal&Tax introduced the Trauma Assist service in order to support our clients at the most critical times. The service includes emergency ambulance response, stabilisation and transport by private paramedics; trauma counselling; and medical advice.

Trauma assistance extends to your spouse and children under 18. Last year we responded to clients on a range of medical emergencies including injuries, cardiac conditions, anaphylaxis, pregnancy complications and labour, epileptic seizures, breathing difficulties and much more.

Easy access to Trauma Assist

When our clients need an ambulance they can simply activate the USSD panic button loaded on their phone by dialling *120*15570# - this is only accessible to our clients. A Trauma Assist case manager will call you within 30 seconds in order to get your details and dispatch a private ambulance to your location.

You can also request telephonic medical advice from trained nurses on any medical issue including pre-and post-test counselling for chronic diseases (including, but not limited to, HIV), symptom assessment and advice, pre-surgical counselling and advice, child and baby care and much more!

Following any traumatic event, you will have access to qualified trauma counsellors. This includes but is not limited to events such as exposure to armed robbery; household fire; death of a spouse or child; trauma from suicide and/or mental health issues; hijacking; serious assault; rape; serious motor vehicle accident; diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.

How to get access top Trauma Assist

Trauma Assist is a Value-Added Service which accompanies our Legal, Funeral and HealthCare plans. Depending on the plan chosen it is automatically included or can be added on for an additional R61 per month fee applicable at the time of publication.

  • HealthCare plans: if admitted as an in-patient to a hospital you will receive a cash payout of up to R20 000 per year and R4 000 per admission subject to the policy Ts&Cs
  • Legal expense insurance: a legal insurance benefit that covers you to pursue or defend legal proceedings subject to the policy Ts&Cs
  • Funeral cover: an insurance benefit that pays out a fixed cash amount in event of death subject to the policy Ts&Cs

With Legal&Tax, you’re not alone.

Navigating medical emergencies in South Africa requires a combination of access to reliable emergency services and financial preparedness. By understanding the importance of these resources and taking proactive steps to secure them, individuals can effectively navigate medical emergencies and safeguard their health and well-being.

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