We live in a world where HIV is prominent. Thankfully, it is easier now than ever to know your HIV status, and to live a long, healthy life regardless of your status.

Dr Kay D Mahomed
Dr Kay D Mahomed - MBChB (Natal), DCH, DA, DIP HIV (SA)
7 November 2018 | 1.5 minute read
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In fact, the life expectancy of an HIV positive person can be the exact same as a person who is HIV negative.

Here are a few important details that every South African citizen should consider:

Test! If you do not test, you will not know your HIV status

  • We are in the “test and treat” era
  • You can have a quick finger prick test (you will know immediately) or a lab blood test (you will know the next day)
  • We always confirm with two tests

Start treatment while you are still well so that you do not get ill

  • You can access treatment within a day or two of testing positive
  • Treatment should suit your lifestyle
  • Treatment should preferably be taken once a day
  • Treatment should have no side effects
  • Treatment should have no toxic effects
  • Within four months of being on treatment, your viral load should be undetectable

One’s viral load must be undetectable

  • This is the most important tool we use for monitoring HIV
  • The viral load tells:
    • If taking your treatment
    • If you are taking your treatment properly
    • If the drugs work for you

Do not wait to get ill before you start treatment

  • Do not get TB and then start treatment
  • Do not get diarrhoea and then start treatment
  • Do not get a chest infection and then start treatment
  • Do not lose weight and then start treatment
  • Do not get skin infections and then start treatment

Fertility shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you are virally undetectable

  • Whether one partner is positive or both are positive
  • One can have as many babies as one likes
  • No baby should be born HIV positive

You can live as long as you like

  • Treatment is for life
  • Treatment means ARVs, a healthy diet, a good lifestyle
  • Life expectancy can be exactly the same as that of HIV negative people

HIV = Human Immunodeficiency Virus

ARV = Antiretroviral

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