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Dr Kay D Mahomed
MBChB (Natal), DCH, DA, DIP HIV (SA)
World Aids Day

What you need to know this World Aids day

Pointers for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment

A quick read to help you avoid or manage HIV infection

Targeting 90/90/90

Get tested today. As a country, we are targeting 90% of people to be tested, 90% of people on ARVs (anti-retro viral drugs) and 90% of people to be virally undetectable by 2020.


Testing can be done at your doctor or with a self test kit, available commercially, for use at home. The finger prick test gives you an immediate result. If positive, then you should visit a healthcare provider to perform a confirmatory second test.


If you are HIV positive, then ARVs need to be started immediately. These days we have newer, better and super potent ARVs available that can be taken as a single drug once a day.

Undetectable = Untransmittable

Safe sex should be practiced to decrease transmission of virus. Condom use should be encouraged.

PREP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis)

Don't depend on your partner to protect yourself from contracting HIV if you’re HIV negative. You can access PREP and ensure you remain HIV negative especially in high risk behaviour, when your partners' status is unknown. Avoid the erratic use of condoms.


Circumcisions decrease your chances of getting HIV by 60%. This can be done for free at certain facilities.

Pap smears

All HIV positive women need to have pap smears done annually and in so doing you can prevent yourself from developing cancer of the cervix.

A healthy lifestyle

Ensure you make six monthly or annual visits to your doctor or clinic with additional blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol tests together with weight and stress monitoring as well as exercise.

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