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Episode 1: Be Mindful of the sugar in popular drinks
Sometimes we think the "perceived" healthier options are better for our diet, but it's not always the case. Be Mindful.
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Healthy eating tips, a video series - Surviving The Festive Season
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Mindful Eating Tips - Introduction
Mindful Eating Dietician Consultancy are introducing a series on healthy eating for the next 7 weeks. Stay tuned.
Episode 2: Dehydrated Foods
The dangers of dehydrated foods when we're not aware of the calorie intake.
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Episode 4: The Psychology of Food Labels
It's proven that we give ourselves permission to eat more because the Food Label says "Low Fat" , "Low Calorie" or "0 Sugar".
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Episode 3: Calories In Alcohol
It's often tough to admit, but the reason many people can struggle to lose weight is because they often don't understand the amount of Calories in a glass of wine.
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Salt In Your Diet
Research has shown that a high salt (sodium) intake is linked to increased blood pressure (hypertension) which can lead to serous health complications.
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Health Bite - Eating tips for diabetics
These healthy eating tips could help you manage your sugar levels.
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Healthy eating tips, a video series - Episode 5: Perceived Healthy Snacks
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Are You Water Wise?
If we look at the composition of our bodies, water is the largest single component of the body. It compromises up to 60-70% of our total body weight. Every chemical, biochemical and metabolic reaction that takes place in the body requires water to be present.
Health Eating On A Budget
10 tips for healthy eating on a budget
Following a healthy diet comes with a range of well-known benefits, including lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease, maintaining a healthy weight, and supplying your body with the necessary nutrients.
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We live in a world where HIV is prominent. Thankfully, it is easier now than ever to know your HIV status, and to live a long, healthy life regardless of your status.
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Time To talk about TB
It’s Time… To talk about TB. To Know my TB status. To step up the fight to end TB. For a World without TB
Body Type
Train right for your body type
Figure out what type of body shape you have, and then choose exercises that best suit the needs of your particular build