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Episode 1: Be Mindful of the sugar in popular drinks

Sometimes we think the "perceived" healthier options are better for our diet, but it's not always the case. Be Mindful.
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Mindful Eating Tips - Introduction

Mindful Eating Dietician Consultancy are introducing a series on healthy eating for the next 7 weeks. Stay tuned.

Episode 2: Dehydrated Foods

The dangers of dehydrated foods when we're not aware of the calorie intake.
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Episode 4: The Psychology of Food Labels

It's proven that we give ourselves permission to eat more because the Food Label says "Low Fat" , "Low Calorie" or "0 Sugar".
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Healthy eating tips, a video series - Surviving The Festive Season

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Episode 3: Calories In Alcohol

It's often tough to admit, but the reason many people can struggle to lose weight is because they often don't understand the amount of Calories in a glass of wine.
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Salt In Your Diet

Research has shown that a high salt (sodium) intake is linked to increased blood pressure (hypertension) which can lead to serous health complications.
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Health Bite - Eating tips for diabetics

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Are You Water Wise?

If we look at the composition of our bodies, water is the largest single component of the body. It compromises up to 60-70% of our total body weight. Every chemical, biochemical and metabolic reaction that takes place in the body requires water to be present.
Article Themes website November 2021 Food to boost your mood

Food to boost your mood

In this article, we discuss what you can eat in order to gain mental clarity and have a better emotional outlook.
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Healthy eating tips: Perceived healthy snacks

Sometimes those snacks we perceive to be healthy may not actually be that healthy for you.
Extra Square Imagery For Q3 Newsletter Feature 5 Vehicle Repossession

How to put the brakes on vehicle repossession

In the current economic down turn, you may find yourself falling behind on your monthly car payments. We provide you with all the available options to help you prevent your car from getting repossessed by the bank or loan/credit provider.
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Whole foods – a better way of eating

We weigh the benefits of consuming whole foods over processed foods.
Article Themes website November 20213 diabetes

Diabetes Awareness – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Many people do not know that they are diabetic until long-term damage is done by the disease. In this article, we help you identify some of the signs and symptoms and advise you on how to treat diabetes.
Tips to combat winter colds

Combat those winter ‘sniffles’

No one wants to muddle through the winter months feeling tired, run-down, and sick all the time. When it comes to keeping your family as healthy as possible, an ounce of prevention is most definitely worth a pound of cure.
Health Eating On A Budget

10 tips for healthy eating on a budget

Following a healthy diet comes with a range of well-known benefits, including lowering the risk of diabetes and heart disease, maintaining a healthy weight, and supplying your body with the necessary nutrients.
happy healthy life

Achieving a healthier, happier life

I believe an active lifestyle has definitely led to a happier life for me. My advice? I strongly advise incorporating exercise as an added benefit to help achieve a happier, healthier life.
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Epic summer salad

Epic summer salad

Get inspired with this tasty and refreshing meal to cool you down on those hot summer days
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