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dealing with drinking and drug abuse

When the Party is Over

While the festive season often becomes the reason to party and have a drink or two, there is a darker side to indulging in alcohol and other dangerous substances. Brain damage, strokes, bleeding in the throat, a loss of breath, heart disease, liver failure, stomach and intestinal cancer and ulcers, impotence and infertility, osteoporosis…and death. These are some of the terrifying effects that alcohol and drugs can have on your body.
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The impact of alcohol and drug abuse

Substance abuse has long term side effects, that will impact you and those around you
Lts Alcohol Abuse

The harmful effects of alcohol abuse

Understand how alcohol impacts on your body

The High and Low of Cannabis

On 18 September 2018, the Constitutional Court unanimously confirmed the Cape High Court judgment that personal use of cannabis is not a criminal offence.
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Episode 3: Calories In Alcohol

It's often tough to admit, but the reason many people can struggle to lose weight is because they often don't understand the amount of Calories in a glass of wine.