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12 steps for a healthy pregnancy

Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for your unborn baby.
First Aid Image

First aid checklist

Make sure your emergency kit is stocked with the items in the checklist to deal with emergencies.
Identifying Emergencies Image

Identifying emergencies

Learn how to prepare for, respond to and recover from many types of emergencies.
Hands Only Cpr

Hands only CPR

Hands only CPR is without mouth to mouth breaths but can be just as effective as conventional CPR. We show you how to perform this technique to help save a life.
Er24 Accidents

ER24: What to do if you're in an accident

I had a car accident—now what? Keep yourself and others safe. Here is what you need to know.

ER 24: Call 084 124 for emergencies

When someone's life is in danger, get emergency medical care with ER24.
Epilepsy Image

Epilepsy: Tips on what to do when someone suffers a seizure

What should you do when someone has a seizure? Get the lowdown on how to recognize epilepsy seizures and how you can help.
Water Safety2

Be water safety savvy this summer

As we head into the December holiday period, remember to stay water wise. Our Trauma Assist benefit includes emergency medical response.
Dealing With Emergencies

Dealing with emergencies

Dealing with emergencies is made easier with our Trauma Assist benefit. Watch our video to improve your knowledge and save a life.
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Early screening and testing for cancer can save your life

Live a healthier life through preventative care by performing cancer screening regularly.

How to perform hands only CPR

This video demonstrates how to perform CPR. Learn some life saving techniques with this step by step tutorial.
Lady In Mask

Answering your questions about the Covid-19 Coronavirus

A series of short videos to help you understand the facts and debunk the myths associated with the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Are you suffering from Depression, Panic or Anxiety

Questions you could ask yourself to assess whether your stress or anxiety may require some professional help.
Anxiety And Stress

The lockdown and situation with COVID-19 is making me feel very scared and anxious

Your feelings are entirely normal for such an uncertain and unsettling situatio
Covid19 If I Get Sick

COVID-19: Staying covered if you get sick

If you get the Covid-19 virus, you cannot go to work. It does not matter if you do not feel very sick. You must still stay at home or in hospital. Otherwise, you will be putting other people’s lives at risk.
Labour Rights

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your rights at work

The world is facing a health crisis with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and every workplace has to help fight it.
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COVID-19: You cannot refuse isolation

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be told to go into quarantine. This means you have to stay in isolation (in a space by yourself) and may not come into contact with other people.
Black Family

Tips on how to handle the coronavirus as a family

Some tips on how to manage the anxiety children may be feeling around Covid-19.