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Black Family

Tips on how to handle the coronavirus as a family

Some tips on how to manage the anxiety children may be feeling around Covid-19.
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How to get your COVID-19 vaccination

This easy to follow guide provides the information you need to register on the Department of Health's Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS)
Sa Coronavirus Hotline

Coronavirus government hotline

The South Africa Coronavirus (Covid-19) hotline is 0800 029 999. Please use this hotline if you display any signs of the virus, don’t go to your Doctor and infect him or her and everybody in the waiting room. By calling the hotline, someone will come to you to have you tested for the virus. Share this number with everyone you know.
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Coronavirus - Fake news

Coronavirus is emerging in more countries around the world and there's currently no known cure. Unfortunately that hasn't stopped a slew of health advice, ranging from useless but relatively harmless, to downright dangerous.
Sa Government What You Need To Know

How Coronavirus spreads

The virus spreads when droplets get into your eyes nose or mouth.
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Coronavirus - 4 precautions to avoid infection

Information Is Beautiful Covid19 Coronavirus Datapack 11Th March

Coronavirus data to help you understand the disease

A data pack to help you understand the virus and avoid panic
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Coronavirus - Stop the spread with clean hands

A step-by-step guide on washing your hands in the most effective way
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What the Coronavirus scare means for you and your family

Switch on the TV; listen to the radio or read the news and you will be hit with fear. The coronavirus is spreading around the world and claiming lives.
Labour Rights

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your rights at work

The world is facing a health crisis with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and every workplace has to help fight it.

How to apply for new ‘lockdown’ grants

We are living during difficult times as the world battles against the COVID-19 coronavirus. As we try to save lives, unfortunately many people’s livelihoods (the money they earn from the work they do) are gone. However, if you have been affected by this situation, the government is trying to support you. They are offering different kinds of financial help. Read below for our guide on how to get money that can assist you and your family to survive:
Holding Hands Child Grandparent

Funerals will go on during lockdown – but with restrictions

South Africa is in lockdown. During this time, very limited activities will be allowed in public. The government wants South Africans to stay at home as much as possible. This is to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
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COVID-19: You cannot refuse isolation

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be told to go into quarantine. This means you have to stay in isolation (in a space by yourself) and may not come into contact with other people.
Pulled over by the police

Lockdown living rules

Understanding some of the rules around the lockdown.
Covid19 If I Get Sick

COVID-19: Staying covered if you get sick

If you get the Covid-19 virus, you cannot go to work. It does not matter if you do not feel very sick. You must still stay at home or in hospital. Otherwise, you will be putting other people’s lives at risk.
Mom Daughter

Divorce & co-parenting during the lockdown

I am divorced and co-parenting. What happens to my children during the lockdown?
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Lady In Mask

Answering your questions about the Covid-19 Coronavirus

A series of short videos to help you understand the facts and debunk the myths associated with the COVID-19 Coronavirus.
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Debunking Vaccine Myths

In this webinar, we separate fact from fiction, share accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine and dispel any myths and conspiracy theories that are circulating in the media.