Lockdown living rules

Lockdown living rules
Some of the rules you need to know.

Understanding some of the rules around the lockdown.

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Under what conditions can I leave the house?

You may leave in order to get essential goods or services. These includes getting groceries and medical supplies, going to the doctor or police, or collecting a social grant.

You have to go to your nearest shop. If pulled over for driving far from your home and you use the excuse you shopping, you’ll have to prove that your nearest shop did not have the essentials thus why you travelling.

Aim to leave your home as little as possible in order to help the lockdown to be successful. Alternatives available to you include online shopping, or if you are unable to leave the house because you are being quarantined following contact with someone exposed to COVID-19 see if one of your neighbours can drop groceries at your front door (but make sure you avoid contact with them).

You may leave your house for a funeral but only if you are part of the immediate family who has been allowed to attend according to the new restrictions.

You CANNOT leave your house to exercise, play sport or to visit family or friends.

What is required when leaving my home?

You do not need any special permit. However, make sure that you follow all travel and hygiene guidelines.

If you are travelling for work purposes, your employer needs to have issued you with an essential service travel permit.

What shops will be open?

Shops that provide essential services and goods will be open. This includes grocery stores, pharmacies and petrol stations.

What can I and what can’t I buy?

  • You can buy goods for your basic needs such as food and toiletries like toilet paper, nappies, tampons and sanitary pads ,as well as soap, deodorant and sanitisers.
  • You can buy medication and cleaning products.
  • You can also buy food for animals.
  • You can buy fuel, including coal and gas.
  • You may also but airtime and electricity.
  • You can buy chemicals and packaging that are used to produce food or medication.
  • You will NOT be able to buy alcohol and cigarettes and other non-essential items like make-up, toys and clothing. 
  • Shops that sell both essential items and non-essential items, will only be allowed to sell you the goods for your basic needs.


What kind of transport will be operating during the lockdown?

Minibus taxis, metered and e-hailing taxis and buses are allowed to transport essential services workers. Essential workers need to carry a permit from their workplace. 

If you have no means of travel, except via public transport, you may also use it to in order to be able to go and obtain essential goods and services.

Public transport vehicles may only operate between 05h00 to 09h00 and again between 18h00 and 20h00. These transport services are available to essential services employees.

All public transport vehicles must be sanitised very carefully.

Private vehicles can be used in order to get essential goods and services; in the event of an emergency, as well as to transport an emergency worker.

All vehicles – private and public – are not allowed to be full.

  • A vehicle that has a licence to carry four passengers, can only transport ONE passenger.
  • A vehicle that has a licence to carry eight passengers, can only transport THREE passengers.
  • A vehicle that has a license to carry 16 passengers, may only carry EIGHT now.
  • Trains and airplanes are not in use for regular passenger travel.

Can I travel to another province or country?

You will not be allowed to cross provincial or country borders for personal reasons. The only exception to this is if there is a medical emergency and you have permission from a government official.

My licence is expiring during the lockdown period. What must I do?

The government has announced that if your licence expires during the lockdown, it will remain valid until after lockdown. You will then have 14 working days afterwards to get it renewed.

This applies to a learner’s licence, driver’s licence, motor vehicle licence, temporary permits, professional driving permits and road worthy certificates.

What happens if I break the lockdown restrictions?

You can be arrested or fined. You could even face charges of attempted murder for placing other people at risk

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