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Making your rights a reality

We are deeply proud of the South African Constitution and everything it has achieved, and will continue to achieve as long as we are diligent in protecting our rights. We look at the different ways that every South African can protect themselves and their rights, with the correct guidance and support.
constitution of south africa

The constitution of the Republic of South Africa and how it protects the human rights of the individual

Constitutional Supremacy is of the utmost importance. This in essence means that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. This article will specifically deal with how the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa safeguards our human rights.
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Voting allows democracy to win

Voting allows democracy to win. Assert your democratic right and make your mark.
South African Rights

The Bill of Rights

South Africans can be proud to be part of a society that is built upon powerful principles of fairness and equality.
School Kids

School fees and the law

Although the value of education is priceless, the actual price tag on schooling can be a heavy burden on parents. Understand your rights when it comes to the paying of school fees and other related costs.
School Girl

School discipline and the law

What laws impact on how your child can be disciplined at school