Debt Counselling:

Did you know that almost half of South Africans are in debt and struggling to pay it back?
Man With Debt

Debt Dictionary

Got a question about debt? The answer may be here.
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Christmas debt? Not this year!

Make sure you (and your bank account) are ready for the Festive Season with Legal&Tax by your side.
Credit Scores Article

Open Doors With Good Credit Scores

Before you commit to credit, you need to make sure that you can pay back this money in a responsible way.
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Home Repossession

We explain the foreclosure process and give you tips to help you save your home from repossession.

Interest rate caps on credit

Credit providers must disclose all fees, interest and charges before any credit is given but consumers must also make an effort to determine and understand the maximum fees that are allowed and to ensure that charges levied by the credit providers are lawful before accepting the credit
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How to put the brakes on vehicle repossession

In the current economic down turn, you may find yourself falling behind on your monthly car payments. We provide you with all the available options to help you prevent your car from getting repossessed by the bank or loan/credit provider.
Man With Debt

What are your legal options when you can't pay your debt?

You may have another option when you are struggling to make loan repayments. Chantel explains how to legally cut your costs in times of financial distress.
Man With Debt

COVID-19: Dealing with Debt and Money matters

What to do if you cannot pay your accounts or your rent
Holiday Season Budgeting

Tips for surviving the financial pinch this Christmas

As the festive season approaches, we all feel the pressure on our pocket, whether it’s the cost of a holiday, the price of gifts or the cost of entertaining family and friends
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What the budget speech means for us

Very few of us take the time to sit down, and really consider what our country’s annual budget means. We take notice of the tax increases, and how much more our fuel will cost, and our tipple and smokes. We already make little calculations in our minds on how we will have to adjust our personal budgets to make ends meet.
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All you need to know about emoluments order or “garnishees”.


How to budget towards a bold future

If you constantly find yourself having more month left than money just before pay-day, it is time to make a budget.
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Wrapping up 2018 - A note from Benjy Porter

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Dealing with Divorce

Divorce is a difficult reality. While the emotional pain is hard to bear, Legal&Tax Services can at least be your companion in offering expert legal advice on this process.
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The A-Z of buying your first home

Buying a new home can be a challenging and complicated process without the correct guidance and expert advice. We've put together a step-by-step guide with all the requirements you should know.
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Understanding contracts and dealing with contractual disputes

What makes a contract legally binding? We provide clarity on all the terms and conditions that constitute a legal agreement and offer remedies to resolve contractual disputes.
Last Will

Deceased estates and the law

Death is a difficult and emotional subject to handle. While we can’t take away the pain, we can make the experience a little easier by helping you prepare for the practical realities that need to be in place.