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Mom Daughter

Divorce & co-parenting during the lockdown

I am divorced and co-parenting. What happens to my children during the lockdown?
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Anxiety and trauma during civil unrest

As South Africa faces times of distress and uncertainty, it is essential to provide safety for yourself, and your loved ones, including children. It is important that we stick together as one nation and restore calm to our beautiful country. We provide tips below to help you and your family cope through these challenging times.
Breaking the Creche Syndrome cycle

Getting to grips with ‘Creche Syndrome’

If you’ve recently, or are planning to place your child in a creche or day-care facility, you may have heard of ‘Creche Syndrome’. The colder Winter months which are now taking a firm grip can play havoc with your child’s health.
Law the ultimate protective parent

The Law is the ultimate protective parent

The role of a mother and father are understood in different ways by the diverse cultures and groups in our society; however, the family law in South Africa makes sure that at its core, mothers and fathers are treated equally and also given the responsibility to care correctly for their children.
Protecting your Right to Parent your children

Protecting your Right to Parent

Every parent wants to make sure that their children are safe, nurtured and secure. Even if you are unmarried or divorced, the law is on your side when it comes to your rights as a parent. Let’s take a closer look at how the law helps protect your parenting rights
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Keeping Holidays Happy After a Divorce

Holidays are often associated with spending special time with family. However, one of the main challenges after a divorce is how and where your children will spend their school holiday time between you and your ex-spouse
Legal You newsletter June 2022

Legal&You June 2022

In our latest Legal&You edition, we discuss the rights that protect you as a parent and the ways, even when you are divorced. We touch on funeral cover during natural disasters and we also look at ways we can help children that are diagnosed with Creche Syndrome. Finally, we show you the 'secret' formula that you can follow when saving to ultimately become a millioniare!
dealing with divorce

Dealing with Divorce

Divorce is a difficult reality. While the emotional pain is hard to bear, Legal&Tax Services can at least be your companion in offering expert legal advice on this process.
Love and the law

Love & the law webinar

We discuss cohabitation, common law marriage, marriage types, agreements and divorce.
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