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Love and the law

Love & the law webinar

We discuss cohabitation, common law marriage, marriage types, agreements and divorce.
Matters Of Love

Matters of Love

Legal&Tax discuss matters of love and the law.
Trad ever after Feature

Customary Marriages Webinar: Traditionally Ever After

Are you thinking of marrying under customary law? Or do you still need to register your customary marriage with Home Affairs? Are you thinking of ending your customary marriage? Our admitted attorneys Paula Thekiso-Mahlangu and Vuyokazi Mpela answer all these questions and more in Part 1 of our Heritage & Culture webinar series.
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Legal Divorce The fork in the road to freedom Feature

Divorce & the Fork in the Road to Your Futures

You’ve tried your best. You’ve done what you can. Sometimes, it is just not going to work. It’s time to get divorced and choose a new path and a new life.
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Cohabitation, engagement and the myth of the common law marriage

We debunk the notion that a couple living together for many years creates automatic legal rights and duties between them.
Law the ultimate protective parent

The Law is the ultimate protective parent

The role of a mother and father are understood in different ways by the diverse cultures and groups in our society; however, the family law in South Africa makes sure that at its core, mothers and fathers are treated equally and also given the responsibility to care correctly for their children.
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The A-Z of buying your first home

Buying a new home can be a challenging and complicated process without the correct guidance and expert advice. We've put together a step-by-step guide with all the requirements you should know.
Legal POA 2023 Feature

ANCs, POAs, and the other acronyms of true love

Whether it’s ANCs, POAs, CAs, your LWT, or yet another string of letters you’ve never heard of, there can be a pile of paperwork that goes into joining your life with someone else’s. Whether you are thinking marriage and all its available forms in SA, or if you would prefer to live together without getting the government involved, or even if you are already married and looking at the ultimate bond, we are here to help you find the right agreement for you.
Trad ever after Feature

Traditionally ever after

Many of us think long and hard about getting married, but not everyone thinks as carefully about what kind of marriage we are going choose. We look at some of the complexities facing young couples when they choose to get married today, both from a legal and a customary perspective.
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Providing for your children even after you’re gone

Leaving behind a life insurance policy, writing a Will and setting up a Trust provides financial support and protection for your children in the event of your death.
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Frozen assets after death

Your estate and bank accounts can be frozen for a long time after your death. Here's how you can help your family pick up the pieces and have enough funds to live on.
human remains and burials

Rights and regulations around human remains and burial

We discuss the legal aspects of human remains and the rules in relation to all matters related to the disposal of dead bodies
Covid Funerals

Funerals in the time of COVID-19

The lockdown and rules regarding funerals have meant that many people have had to balance adhering to the law and practicing their cultural traditions.
Funeral Death and Taxes 2023 Feature

Death & Taxes

Understanding Estate Tax in South Africa: A Comprehensive Guide and What to Expect as a Beneficiary
wrongful death

Wrongful death

Losing a family member due to misconduct or negligence is painful. We discuss how you can seek justice on behalf of your loved one for a wrongful death action.
Funeral There is love after death 2023 Feature

Is there Love after Death?

Special days are often the hardest when you're grieving, but there can be unexpected light at the end of that very lonely tunnel.
Avoid Funeral Cover Scams Feature

Avoid funeral cover scams

Funeral policies are there to help soothe the grief of a final goodbye to a loved one. When policies are not what was advertised, it adds to the pain. This month, we outline how you can check that your funeral policy is not a scam.
Legal Working loving living in SA Feature

Working, loving & living in SA

The 24th of September is a special day to us all. After Freedom Day, it’s our most widely appreciated and celebrated public holiday because it represents what was once used to divide us, and how we have turned it around into what makes us stronger, together. In all our races, cultures, beliefs and traditions, we can kick back and celebrate our heritage.