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Funeral Planning Article

The Power of Planning Ahead for Funerals

Lizl Finch is our Legal&Tax funeral policy expert, always making sure that life runs smoothly for those left behind after a death.She suggests that making plans for a funeral ahead of time is a useful action to take. This is called pre-or advanced funeral planning.
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Burial society vs funeral insurance

South African communities have been coming together to form stokvels in order to offer financial and emotional support to one another in times of need. Learn more about the legalities of these schemes.
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How to write a meaningful eulogy

A eulogy is the speech that is given at a funeral. Although this is a very sad time, a eulogy will acknowledge not just the tragedy of the person’s passing but will also pay tribute to the life that they have lived and the love that they have inspired.
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How to write an obituary

Obituaries are an important tradition to pay tribute and commemorate the life of the deceased. We show you the proper way to write an obituary and what information to include.
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Preparing for the death of a parent

Imagining life without your parents is tough, but as they grow older, losing your mom and dad becomes a hard fact you have to face
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Planning the paperwork of your passing

When you're gone, you can alleviate the burden and stress on your loved ones by putting together a "red file" (also known as a death file) which will house all your valuable information needed to carry out your funeral as well as to settle your estate.
Funeral cover planning

The Final Cost: Financing a Funeral

Legal&Tax’s Funeral Plan can be a caring companion at this time of pain. Instead of tying its members down into specific service providers, Legal&Tax pays out in cash immediately.
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Dealing with Death and Grief

Death is a hard reality and to lose a loved one can leave you experiencing great emotional pain. It is completely normal to find yourself reacting in a variety of ways and to find that your emotions keep switching, as you try and cope with this trauma.
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Funerals will go on during lockdown – but with restrictions

South Africa is in lockdown. During this time, very limited activities will be allowed in public. The government wants South Africans to stay at home as much as possible. This is to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).
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Why you should have a funeral plan

Making financial plans to be able to afford your own funeral or that of your loved one's is crucial to ease financial stress during a difficult time of grief.
Funeral And Estate Planning

Is your estate in order?

Making sure you have a funeral plan that provides for a dignified burial may be the first step you take, but there is so much more to consider. These considerations must be stated in your last will and testament.
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Funeral Customs across the Country

South Africa has a fascinating mix of cultures and religions. As we enjoy a democratic society where we are free to mix and mingle amongst each other, we might also experience lifestyles and practices very different to our own.
Covid Funerals

Funerals in the time of COVID-19

The lockdown and rules regarding funerals have meant that many people have had to balance adhering to the law and practicing their cultural traditions.
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Providing for your children even after you’re gone

Leaving behind a life insurance policy, writing a Will and setting up a Trust provides financial support and protection for your children in the event of your death.
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Frozen assets after death

Your estate and bank accounts can be frozen for a long time after your death. Here's how you can help your family pick up the pieces and have enough funds to live on.
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A rise in funeral insurance fraud due to the COVID-19 pandemic

You could take a financial hit if your insurance company raises your premium levels to counteract the cost of fraudulent claims.
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A self help guide on putting together your last will and testament

Death is inevitable, therefore it's wise to plan ahead by having a will to ensure that your last wishes are carried out and your estate is distributed accordingly.
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Putting together a living will

We show you how to draft a living will or advance directive that'll bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones because it explains what kind of medical care you want to receive when you cannot speak for yourself.
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