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Legal&You Newsletter November 2021

As we enter 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence (GBV), we wanted to highlight the increase in GBV that has occurred under COVID-19 and lockdown conditions. Our article sheds light on steps we can take to bring this plight to an end.
dealing with drinking and drug abuse

When the Party is Over

While the festive season often becomes the reason to party and have a drink or two, there is a darker side to indulging in alcohol and other dangerous substances. Brain damage, strokes, bleeding in the throat, a loss of breath, heart disease, liver failure, stomach and intestinal cancer and ulcers, impotence and infertility, osteoporosis…and death. These are some of the terrifying effects that alcohol and drugs can have on your body.
Vaccination and immunisation

Vaccines and immunisation

Immunisation is a global health success story that saves millions of lives every year. We take a look at the development of vaccines and how cutting-edge technologies are changing the vaccine landscape.
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COVID-19: You cannot refuse isolation

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you will be told to go into quarantine. This means you have to stay in isolation (in a space by yourself) and may not come into contact with other people.
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Early screening and testing for cancer can save your life

Live a healthier life through preventative care by performing cancer screening regularly.
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Understanding pain

Pain is a part of life. It is there from the beginning, in a small baby, and it is there at the end, when the person dies.
Stop Smoking

Stop smoking today!

But staying smoke-free is the real struggle
Vaccinations Article

Be Part of the Vacin-Nation

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Preparing for the death of a parent

Imagining life without your parents is tough, but as they grow older, losing your mom and dad becomes a hard fact you have to face
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Unpacking NHI

What does universal health coverage mean for the man on the street
Covid19 If I Get Sick

COVID-19: Staying covered if you get sick

If you get the Covid-19 virus, you cannot go to work. It does not matter if you do not feel very sick. You must still stay at home or in hospital. Otherwise, you will be putting other people’s lives at risk.
Flu Article

Stop flu from infecting you!

Legal&Tax’s medical experts are here to inform you about the key facts of flu and how to help prevent you and your family from getting sick this season.
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Let's talk mental health

We help you spot the red flags that could signal a possible mental health condition.
Health and democracy

Your Right to the access of HealthCare in South Africa

Access to health care is a basic human right. The right to health care can however be limited in certain instances, depending on the availability of resources. We discuss these points in further detail including if you have the right to refuse treatment
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Be blood (ubuntu) brothers & sisters

Every few seconds, someone, somewhere, needs blood. This is the message from the World Health Organisation ahead of World Blood Donor Day which is remembered around the globe every year on 14 June.

HealthCare Prestige Individual Plan

HealthCare Prestige for individuals gives you the comfort of knowing that you have access reliable medical assistance, without worrying about the financial strain associated with hospital admissions.

HealthCare Prestige Family Plan

HealthCare Prestige for the family gives you the comfort of knowing that you and your loved ones have access reliable medical assistance, without worrying about the financial strain associated with hospital admissions.
Trauma Assist

Trauma Assist