Legal&You Newsletter Q3 2020

Legal&You Newsletter Q3 2020
With Legal&Tax you're not alone

Welcome to the latest edition of Legal&You. We have put together a wonderful read this month with insights on the latest laws that impact your rights and responsibilities, along with excellent tips and guidance on planning for your future and looking after your health.

Benjy Porter
Benjy Porter - CEO
20 October 2020
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I am proud of how Legal&Tax has continued to be a companion and support you over the lockdown. I would like to commend our brilliant team for their exceptional service and positive attitude displayed over this challenging year. 

We are always looking for ways to enhance our companionship, and recently we introduced our newest companion, the Legal&Tax bot, available on WhatsApp, Facebook and live chat on our website 24/7. Just type 'Hi' to start chatting. 

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I hope you enjoy this edition,

Benjy Porter

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Snap, crackle and POPI

We advise you on how to guard your personal information from harmful use & the protection you have under the POPI Act. 

Read more | 5 min reading time

Retrenchment – You could be next!

The retrenchment process is fully explained. We offer you guidance on how to deal with retrenchment and help you understand your labour rights.

Read more | 4 minute reading time 

Your rights and duties on the road

Everything you need to know about roadblocks and when you are being pulled over on the road by a traffic officer. Your rights and responsibilities as a motorist are explained to you.

Read more | 4 minute reading time

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Planning the paperwork of your passing

When you're gone, you can alleviate the burden and stress on your loved ones by putting together a "red file" (also known as a death file) which will house all your valuable information needed to carry out your funeral as well as to settle your estate.

Read more | 5 minute reading time

A self help guide on putting together your last will and testament

Death is inevitable, therefore it's wise to plan ahead by having a will to ensure that your last wishes are carried out and your estate is distributed accordingly.

Read more | 4 minute reading time 

The administration of a deceased estate is explained

Plan your estate now to eliminate any problems upon your death. Protect your loved ones by minimising the chances of family strife and ugly battles.

Read more | 3 minute reading time

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Early screening and testing for cancer can save your life

Live a healthier life through preventative care by performing cancer screening regularly. 

Read more | 1 minute reading time


Learn how to perform CPR and save a life in this video.

Watch video | 1 min video

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How to put the brakes on vehicle repossession

In the current economic down turn, you may find yourself falling behind on your monthly car payments. We provide you with all the available options to help you prevent your car from getting repossessed by the bank or loan company.

Read more | 5 minute reading time

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We have extended the TeleTeacher benefit to all Legal&Tax clients to help you help your children succeed in what has been a very challenging academic year

If you're juggling work, chasing your dreams, a social life and still have to be a super parent who supervises homework in the evening. TeleTeacher will assist you by providing educational support and tutoring for your child.

Watch video | 1 min video

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Refer five friends or family members and you could win a share of R10 000

Do you know someone like Nigel who could use professional legal advice? We want to help them.

Ts&Cs apply.

Refer & Win

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