Legal&You Newsletter Q2 2021

Legal&You Newsletter Q2 2021
With Legal&Tax you're not alone
South Africa is currently facing a difficult period and we have collectively experienced the shifts and changes of the social and economic climate. But despite the disruptions, there are green shoots of recovery.
Benjy Porter
Benjy Porter - CEO
1 August 2021
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The increasing traction of South Africa’s vaccination drive achieved through unprecedented private and public partnerships has really provided a road map of a version for South Africa that not only achieves the important goal of increased economic inclusion for all, but also some profound hope, optimism and more importantly guidance of how to ensure we can achieve excellence in all aspects of our country. South Africa is vaccinating around 200 000 people a day, which will help us achieve population immunity and enable us to return to a more ‘normal’ way of life. We are more committed now than ever to our purpose - being a lifelong companion to you and your family, our staff and all South Africans.

At the start of the pandemic, we opened up our Trauma Assist and TeleTeacher services to all of our clients, and we have received such heart-warming feedback, confirming the profound impact we’ve had on those in need.

Our legal, tax and debt advisory services have proven to be a real ‘lifeline’ for clients impacted by social and economic disruption. Our funeral and healthcare insurance covers have helped families cope through the worst hardship one can face as we continue our commitment to the fast pay out of claims.

South Africa is filled with opportunities. Sometimes things don’t work as they should, but that is the opportunity where I, and all of my colleagues at Legal&Tax aspire to make a difference and be a companion to you. With Legal&Tax you’re not alone!

In this edition of Legal&You
We have prepared articles and videos, providing essential tips that can help alleviate any struggles you might be facing. We discuss the widespread trend of children being bullied in schools and show you how you can resolve this as a parent.

We help you understand contracts and how to settle disputes, steps you can take to avoid going to court and how to deal with fraud as a result of identity theft. We show you how you can still provide for your children even after you're gone by allowing them access to your frozen assets.

Lastly, we debunk some of the myths and misinformation around the COVID-19 vaccine with Professor Barry Schoub, Chairperson of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 vaccines.

Remember that with Legal&Tax you’re not alone.

Benjy Porter

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Understanding contracts and dealing with contractual disputes

What makes a contract legally binding? We provide clarity on all the terms and conditions that constitute a legal agreement and offer remedies to resolve contractual disputes.

Read more | 5 min reading time

Steps to take to avoid going to court

Going to court is costly, time-consuming and should be your last resort. We show you ways to resolve disputes without having to go to court.

Read more | 4 min reading time

How to protect your child from being bullied in school

Bullying can cause mental, emotional and physical harm to your child. Here's how you can prevent your child from becoming a victim or victimising others.

Read more | 4 min reading time

Wrongful death

Losing a family member due to misconduct or negligence is painful. We discuss how you can seek justice on behalf of your loved one for a wrongful death action.

Read more | 3 min reading time

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Frozen assets after death

Your estate and bank accounts can be frozen for a long time after your death. Here's how you can help your family get access to your funds.

Read more | 4 min reading time

Providing for your children even after you’re gone

Leaving behind a life insurance policy, writing a Will and setting up a Trust provides financial support and protection for your children in the event of your death.

Read more | 5 min reading time

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Fitness matters

Former international athlete, Reece Turner shows you how to create a better flow of oxygen through your muscles right from your work station, that boosts your energy and mood every day.

Watch video | 2 min video

Debunking vaccine myths

In this webinar, we separate fact from fiction, share accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine and dispel any myths and conspiracy theories that are circulating in the media.

Watch video | 60 min video

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Dealing with fraud as a result of identity theft

We help you safeguard your personal information to prevent this criminal offence against you.

Read more | 4 min reading time

Small claims court

We show you a quick and easy way to resolve financial disputes.

Read more | 3 min reading time

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Tax 101

We simplify the complexities of the tax system and provide you with the basic principles in a way that is easy to understand.

Read more | 3 min reading time

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