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Debt counselling: is it for you?

Understanding the debt review process and how this can protect your assets from being repossessed by your credit provider.
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Do you know your credit score? You should!

We discuss how a credit report can help you keep up to date with your financial status by doing a credit bureau check.
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Understanding credit life insurance

If you are struggling with financial distress at the moment and are unable to make loan repayments you may have the ability to cover your debts if you are retrenched or due to other life events. Alternatively you need to approach your bank to make alternative payment arrangements. We unpack your options
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What to do if you can't pay rent this month

One of the questions posed to our legal advisors during the lockdown period is "What if I can't afford to pay my rent this month?" Chantel explains how to handle this in the legally correct way.
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What are your legal options when you can't pay your debt?

You may have another option when you are struggling to make loan repayments. Chantel explains how to legally cut your costs in times of financial distress.
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Unpacking the Supplementary Budget Speech 2020

Johan Swart, Head of Tax, gives us an overview of the supplementary budget delivered by Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, on 24 June 2020, detailing the adjustments to the national budget due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, tax revenue and expenditure.

How to apply for new ‘lockdown’ grants

We are living during difficult times as the world battles against the COVID-19 coronavirus. As we try to save lives, unfortunately many people’s livelihoods (the money they earn from the work they do) are gone. However, if you have been affected by this situation, the government is trying to support you. They are offering different kinds of financial help. Read below for our guide on how to get money that can assist you and your family to survive:
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COVID-19: Dealing with Debt and Money matters

What to do if you cannot pay your accounts or your rent
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What the budget speech means for us

Very few of us take the time to sit down, and really consider what our country’s annual budget means. We take notice of the tax increases, and how much more our fuel will cost, and our tipple and smokes. We already make little calculations in our minds on how we will have to adjust our personal budgets to make ends meet.
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Budget 2020 highlights

A breakdown of highlights from the most recent budget speech
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The Legal and Tax Side to Mental Health

If you have experienced mental health problems that are very severe, you might need to take disability leave, or even have to leave your job completely.
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Legally Smart Shopping Will Reap Rewards

Holiday time often means shopping time! However, before the bargain-hunting bug hits, read Legal&Tax’s guide to smart spending (and hopefully a little bit of saving too!)
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The buzz around Black Friday is building – and while there are certainly chances to get some good bargains – you also need to be careful not to slip into overspending or be duped by dodgy deals.
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Preparing for the death of a parent

Imagining life without your parents is tough, but as they grow older, losing your mom and dad becomes a hard fact you have to face
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Money on the global move

If you are wanting to send move your money outside of South Africa, this is called investing abroad. This process has very strict rules that you must follow or you will be breaking the law.
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Tax for Gogo and Gramps

There are very important financial and tax factors to keep in mind when approaching retirement, and thereafter.

Acknowledgment of Debt

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Guide to Income Personal Tax

The laws and rules around income tax can be difficult to understand. Let our tax experts walk you through everything you need to know about paying personal imcome tax.
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