The buzz around Black Friday is building – and while there are certainly chances to get some good bargains – you also need to be careful not to slip into overspending or be duped by dodgy deals.

Here are some Black Friday tips that will help you fill your trolley but not empty your bank account!


Make a shopping list

Before the sales start, make a list of what you actually need. This will help you focus on looking for discounts on items that will be useful. Making a list beforehand will also stop you buying things you don’t actually need in the excitement of the moment.

Look out for affordable gifts

The festive season is right around the corner and January’s back to school’ time is also fast approaching.

Therefore look at the Black Friday specials to see if you can save money on purchasing any Christmas presents or back-to-school supplies.

Make a gift list now or ask the school for a list of what stationary is needed. This will help you plan ahead.

Stock Up on household items

Although it might be tempting to splurge on luxury items, Black Friday is actually a useful opportunity to focus on stocking up on your normal household items that are often now discounted. 

Look for non-perishable food items, as well as cleaning products. 

This will help you save money later in the year and reduce your monthly spending.

Avoid using credit

Keep in mind that while buying on credit allows you to take home the item immediately, you will end up paying more in interest over time.

Interest is when the seller of the item, makes you pay extra money each month as you pay off the cost of the item over time.

In fact, the interest you are expected to pay might even mean that the discount you originally got, no longer will even count.

Only buy what you already can afford this Black Friday; otherwise you might find yourself in financial trouble later on!

Refunds and Returns

Make sure that you find out what the shop’s rules are about returns and refunds.

Be very careful when buying from shops that will not allow you to return goods because they were ‘on sale’

If you are looking for expert advice on budgeting, contact your Legal and Tax consultant who will be your companion in navigating this spending storm!

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