Workers Day Article 2019

Making Labour Law Work for you

Now that we enjoy living in a democracy, the law is designed to make sure that workers have rights and are treated equally. We call the different laws that deal with work, labour laws. The key law for the workplace is the Labour Relations Act (LRA). The purpose of the act is to ensure economic development, in the interest of society, democracy and peace.
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Basic Conditions of Employment Act

Sometimes, getting and keeping a job feels so difficult, that we forget that we have rights within the workplace. Luckily, the law is here to help make workplaces fair for all.
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Disciplinary Acton

How to handle disciplinary action

Disciplinary action refers to steps that are taken, if it is believed that you have broken the rules for how to behave at work.
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Retrenchment – You could be next!

The retrenchment process is fully explained. We offer you guidance on how to deal with retrenchment and help you understand your rights.
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The CCMA – what's it all about?

We help you understand the role of the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) as an independent authority aimed at promoting fair practices in the work environment. The CCMA resolves labour disputes and provides advice and training on labour relations.
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Be sharp at work

Your guide to dismissal, put together by your lawyers.
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