If your salary is being garnished, don’t panic. Our Debt Assist experts can help you reach a settlement and reduce your monthly payments.

A garnishee is a court order that has to be directly served to your employer by a sheriff of the court, ordering your employer to make deductions from your salary. These deductions will be used to pay off the debt you owe.

More about a garnishee/emolument order:

  • An emolument order, commonly referred to as a garnishee order, is a court order that is served by the sheriff (or messenger) of the court on the employer, ordering the employer to make deductions from an employee’s salary or wage in settlement of a debt owed by the employee to a third party creditor.
  • A specified amount of money is deducted from the employee’s salary or wages each time the employee is paid, until such time as the debt owed by the employee has been paid in full.
  • A court will only make such an order where it is satisfied that there is a valid underlying debt, or there has been a valid written consent to the order being taken, or the court has previously made an order instructing that the debtor’s (employee’s) salary or wage be attached.

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How can Debt Assist help you during this process?

  • We make sure the garnishee order is lawful.
  • We evaluate your current financial situation and search for ways you can pay off the debt you owe, quickly and effectively.
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