Debt Counselling

Debt counselling is a legal process, where you apply to have your debt restructured so that you can make everyday payments and still be able to pay off your debt at a reduced instalment amount.

Our debt counsellors will take care of your debt restructuring process for you, which will result in seeking a consent order for new payment agreements in court. This consent order will ensure your creditors stick to the new repayment arrangement and they may not take legal action against you.

Remember: There is no guarantee that your creditors will agree to the proposals made on your behalf by the counsellor. In that case, an application will have to be made to a court to force your creditors to accept less than what they want, in line with your financial circumstances.

If some of your creditors have taken legal action for late payment or non-payment of your accounts, those debts cannot be included under the debt counselling processes, unless the creditor agrees.

How can Debt Assist help?

  • Our Debt Assist department is operated by professionals who include registered debt counsellors, attorneys and experienced negotiators
  • We guarantee confidentiality
  • If you do not wish to be placed under debt review, we can negotiate payment arrangements on your behalf and assist by asking for extensions to avoid repossession of your assets or assess if sequestration may be the best option to relieve your financial stress
  • We offer you access to unlimited advice, from budgeting to taking out loans
  • We offer protection from being harassed and pressured by credit providers and debt collectors
  • We’ll help you restore and improve your credit record profile

You will pay what you can afford and maintain a dignified lifestyle

Once we help you fully satisfy all your credit agreements under debt counselling, you will be issued with a clearance certificate, which allows you to have access to credit again and reclaim your financial freedom.

If anyone has intimidated you into signing any acknowledgement of debt, or you simply need us to help you, please contact us on 0860 587 587 or SMS "Debt" to 31690