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The first step in managing your debt is understanding your personal financial situation so you can learn how to better use your money in the future.

Our experts are waiting to help you begin your journey to financial freedom; the sooner you call, the sooner we can help you.

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In order to find quick and effective solutions to your debt concerns, contact Debt Assist as soon as possible so we can help you. SMS "Debt" to 31690 and we'll call you back.

We care about our members and want to give you a guiding hand wherever the path of life leads you. For this reason, Debt Assist is included in our legal and funeral packages.

Our Debt Assist service can help you with:

    • Lifestyle advice: We can help you cut down on your daily expenses, such as commuting costs and groceries, in order to increase the amount you save and pay off your debts faster.
    • Budgeting guidance: Is your income less than your expenses? Our experts will help you learn about budgeting and how to take control of your finances.
    • Alternative income suggestions: Be it by working overtime or applying for a government grant, our experts will help you find ways to make ends meet each month and still maintain a dignified lifestyle.
    • Reading loan agreements: When it comes to the fine print, make that our problem. Our experts will read through all your contractual documents, making sure all is fair and in order before you sign anything and that you are being charged correctly
    • Lodging disputes with credit providers: We will ensure the process between you and your credit provider/s is a smooth and legal procedure, avoiding any unfair treatment.

DID YOU KNOW: Legal&Tax has a retrenchment benefit

We will help you with payment arrangements if you are retrenched or struggling to make ends meet.

If Legal&Tax finds that the creditors have been unlawful, we can try to lodge a dispute or negotiate extended payment arrangements on your behalf.

Let’s get started on finding the right solutions to your debt concerns.

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