Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

This is the process where we will help you reach a suitable arrangement with the creditor’s representative, or negotiate to settle your debts in order to avoid litigation.

Our Debt Assist experts have the knowledge and experience to negotiate with creditors on your behalf and come to an agreement that is affordable for you. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can help you.

Remember: As a Legal&Tax member, you can get expert debt advice from our professionals as often as you need, without having to pay more*.

*T&Cs apply

We care about our members and want to give you a guiding hand wherever the path of life leads you. For this reason, Debt Assist is included in our legal and funeral packages.

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How can Debt Assist help?

  • Our Debt Assist department is operated by professionals who include registered debt counsellors, attorneys and experienced negotiators.
  • We guarantee confidentiality.
  • If you do not wish to be placed under debt review, we can negotiate payment arrangements on your behalf and assist by asking for extensions to avoid repossession of your assets or assess if sequestration may be the best option to relieve your financial stress.
  • We offer you access to unlimited advice, from budgeting to taking out loans.
  • We offer protection from being harassed and pressured by credit providers and debt collectors.
  • We’ll help you restore and improve your credit record profile.

You will pay what you can afford and maintain a dignified lifestyle.

NOTE: Unlike debt counselling, the creditor does not have to consent to an ADR arrangement. However, a creditor does have to agree to the terms of a debt counselling contract.