Why My AI Lawyer is changing the face of legal advice

Why My AI Lawyer is changing the face of legal advice
AI-powered legal assistance is changing the game!

My AI Lawyer is making legal services more accessible and affordable, right here in South Africa where access to justice is still one of our biggest issues.

Darren Cohen
Darren Cohen - General Manager
1 October 2023 | 2 minute read
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The law is a complicated subject. Most South Africans just do their best to stay on the right side of it, but we don’t know the complicated ins and outs of all the legal situations in which we may find ourselves. Often through no fault of our own! This can be frightening, especially when we don’t know what could happen to us or our loved ones. When this happens, we just want answers. We want to understand what we need to do and if we need to get our own lawyers. But private lawyers can be really expensive, and sometimes we just want to ask one or two questions!

Legal&Tax has your back. Our AI Lawyer is here for you, at any time. If you have questions, it has answers, all on WhatsApp. Even if you're not a client yet, your first two questions are free!

Beyond getting answers to once-off legal questions, you can actually ask for a legal letter and have this emailed to you so you can easily edit and share it with third parties.

It’s conversational, and the more you ask it on a specific matter the more it will be able to contextualise and understand your matter and give you the assistance you need, when you need it!

What makes My AI Lawyer more accessible

Our AI lawyer follows very important rules called “guardrails” to contextualise and provide answers that align with the South African legal system. More than that, we have built our culture of care and compassion into it, which assists the AI in assisting our clients with the same consideration as any of our legal advisors would – meaning you get the answers you asked for and the reassurance you need.

Digital when you want it, Human when you need it

My AI Lawyer provides immediate access to legal information, advice, and assistance. As part of the legal advice team at Legal&Tax, it is backed by our group of highly trained legal advisors, so if you’re still unsure, or need more input from a human being, you can speak to one of our human lawyers.

My AI Lawyer provide unlimited advice

All Legal&Tax legal plan clients get unlimited access to My AI Lawyer included in your plan. If you request advice on a legal matter, you will automatically receive a WhatsApp message with a unique reference number linked to your matter. This means that you can get advice from My AI Lawyer immediately, and when a human lawyer gets in touch with you regarding your matter, they will be able to review the details of your case and the advice that My AI Lawyer has provided to you.

If you do not have a legal plan with Legal&Tax, you can subscribe to My AI Lawyer and receive unlimited access to advice. It costs just R49 per month, and you can subscribe directly from your WhatsApp account.

Try it out for yourself!

With Legal&Tax, you’re not alone

AI Lawyer - How does it work?
Ask a Question

Type in a legal query or select a topic from a list of common categories like family law, criminal law, or employment law to start using the AI Lawyer.

Receive Instant Answers

The AI Lawyer uses advanced AI and natural language processing to analyze your question and provides instant, accurate, and up-to-date legal information and advice.

Get Personalised Legal Assistance

If you need additional guidance or support for more complex legal issues, the AI Lawyer can connect you with a qualified legal expert who can provide personalised legal assistance.

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