Unpacking NHI

Unpacking NHI
National Health Insurance

What does universal health coverage mean for the man on the street

Dr Avron Urison
Dr Avron Urison - Head of HealthCare
25 September 2019 | 2 minute read
What is NHI (National Health Insurance)

Universal Health Coverage means that people should receive the health services they need without suffering financial hardships. Universal health coverage is one of the sustainable goals of the United Nations.

It has been estimated that it will cost around R256 billion each year, which will be funded through the introduction of new taxes.

What services will be covered

NHI has been suggested to be comprehensive health cover, but the exact services are still to be defined.

The medical schemes amendment bill fits in by aligning the medical schemes with NHI framework and ensures beneficiaries are better protected and have better access to private healthcare

The biggest obstacles to the implementation of these bills include finances and convincing consumers that they will receive quality healthcare in the public health sector.

When will NHI come into effect?

It's expected to take 8-12 years for the full implementation of NHI

Will your current medical aid be affected?

Yes, medical aids will have to change the benefit structures in order to augment their offerings in combination with NHI.

Speak to your financial advisor or medical aid provider to understand if this impacts on your specific circumstances.

Should I be buying and/or keeping my HealthCare Plan?

Definitely, the HealthCare Plan will not be affected by NHI and will continue to be a value adding product into the future.

The HealthCare Plan offers cover of up to R20 000 for non-medical expenses when you are admitted to hospital, such as the any lost income because you could not get to work, unexpected travel costs or any other needs you may have. Your insurance payout is paid directly to you, to use as you see fit.

With the HealthCare Plan you also have access to a wide range of value added services such as:

  • a nurse on call via the phone for 
    • Pre- and post-test counselling for chronic diseases (including, but not limited to, HIV).
    • Symptom assessment and advice
    • Pre-surgical counselling and advice
    • Child and baby care
  • Emergency ambulance assistance and transportation, providing you with private emergency response services
  • Unlimited, telephonic support and trauma counselling following a traumatic event, as well as face-to-face trauma counselling up to R5 000 per person (R10 000 per family)
Need more information or assistance?

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Find out more about the HealthCare Plan

Learn more about the HealthCare Plan on our website, calling 0860 587 587 or SMS “Health” to 31690.

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