Upgrade: Silver to Legal Gold

Upgrade Today
Did you know? That for just R35 more p/m you get a Legal Gold membership, plus a range of additional exclusive benefits.

These include:

  • Increased cover: Up to R160 000 per case to cover legal fees.
  • Legal assistance: This includes telephonic legal advice, face-to-face* consultations as well as communications with other parties and negotiations on your behalf.
  • Tax advice:  This includes telephonic and face-to-face* consultations as well as communications with the South African Revenue Services (SARS) on your behalf. For just R350 for the current tax year, we’ll take care of your annual tax returns.
  • Debt Assist: Get a professional debt counsellor to help you restructure your debts so you can begin the journey to financial freedom.
  • After-Hours Emergency Service: If a member is arrested after hours, you will be directed to a lawyer in your area. Included in this is our exclusive Bail Benefit, which provides after-hours as well as court-hours bail application. T&C apply.  

*All face-to-face consultations are conducted in Johannesburg only.

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