Legal Pocket+

A small monthly subscription gives you access to
our Legal Pocket+ plan, including:

Up to R110 000 per case (not per year) in order to pay for legal fees.

Advice and assistance from our team of qualified lawyers.

Access to our range of additional benefits, such as Trauma Assist and Debt Assist

Get up to R110 000 to pay for legal fees per case.

For R105 a month, Legal Pocket+ offers you:
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Our team of qualified lawyers are always available to assist you with:

  • Face-to-face consultations (JHB branch only);
  • Communication and negotiations with other parties on your behalf; and
  • Advice on legal matters.
* Required

With Legal Pocket+, you’ll also get:

Trauma Assist

In times of stress, we’re the ones to call. From telephonic trauma counselling and face-to-face trauma counselling to a private ambulance service and medical assistance, Legal&Tax goes the extra mile for our members.

For more information on Trauma Assist, click here.

How does it work?

  1. Look out for the SMS you will receive when you join.
  2. You MUST save this to speed dial.
  3. In an emergency, press the allocated button on your phone, and a crisis manager will call you within 30 seconds.

Debt Assist

Debt affects many of us, but that doesn't mean it can't be conquered. With Legal&Tax, a professional debt counsellor will help you restructure your debts, ensuring your repayments are manageable and affordable.

For more information on Debt Assist. click here.

After-Hours Emergency Service

If a member is arrested after hours, we’ll get a lawyer to you. We will also reimburse you for your for fees on condition you have a justified and valid defence.*
* Provided all the conditions of the policy have been met.

Retrenchment Benefit

Members who have been retrenched from their jobs are entitled to six months’ free premiums on their policy, provided their premiums have been fully paid for the previous 12 months.

When would you need legal cover?

The following are some of the situations that may require legal advice and assistance:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Motor accidents or “third party” claims
  • Personal injury or wrongful death
  • Damage to property
  • Contractual disputes
  • Residential building disputes
  • Defective goods
  • Lease or body corporate complaints
  • Insurance or medical aid claims that are unfairly rejected
  • Wrongful prosecution
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What’s not covered?

The most common exclusions are prior events (i.e. pre-existing matters), business matters, family matters and deliberate criminal acts. Click here to read the full terms, conditions and exclusions. Please remember that even if your matter is not covered, we are always here to help with free advice.

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