Funeral Prestige+

For a small monthly subscription, you’ll get access to our
Funeral Prestige+ plan, including:

Up to R20 000 to pay for funeral costs of the main member.

Up to R20 000 to pay for funeral costs of the main member’s spouse and/or children.

Access to our additional benefits: Debt Assist, legal advice, tax advice, additional accidental death cover.

Get R20 000 in funeral cover with Prestige +.

R162 per month ensures that the main member, spouse of the main member or child of the main member will receive the money needed to provide a respectable burial. 
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With Funeral Prestige+ you’ll also get:

Debt Assist:

Debt may affect many of us, but that doesn't mean it can't be conquered. With Legal&Tax, a professional debt counsellor will help you restructure your debts, making sure your repayments are manageable and affordable, so you can enjoy a debt-free life.

For more information on Debt Assist, click here.

Legal advice:

Should you need advice from a lawyer, we offer face-to-face (JHB only) as well as telephonic guidance. 

Tax advice:

Get face-to-face (JHB only) as well as telephonic guidance from one of our expert tax consultants.

Accidental death cover:

Get an additional R10 000 to cover the funeral costs of a death resulting from an accident (such as a car accident).

Who is covered:

Main member: R20 000
Spouse: R20 000
Child (14-21 years): R20 000
Child (6-13 years): R10 000
Child (1-5 years): R5 000
Child (0-11 months): R2 500
Stillborn (after 26 weeks): R2 500

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Adding parent and/or parent-in-law

For R187 p/m (per person) for R15 000 funeral cover.

The maximum entry age for a parent to be added to a funeral policy is 74 years old. There is no expiry age. Parents are not covered if the additional accidental death cover is added.

Money-back guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with this package, we will give you a one-month money-back guarantee from the date of your first payment. During this one-month period, you are free to use the Legal&Tax services as often as you want

Payout of a valid claim will be made within 24 hours (business hours) from the moment your claim documents are received and the claim is approved.

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With the Funeral Prestige+ from Legal&Tax, you’ll also get:
For a small monthly amount, you can add family members to your plan. That way, with the help of Legal&Tax, you never have to worry about your family’s rights.
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