10 easy ways to make extra money on the side

10 easy ways to make extra money on the side
Here's how to earn additional income
Turn your interest or skill into profits!
Buhle Sibanyoni
Buhle Sibanyoni - Content & Community Manager
9 March 2021 | 2 minute read
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Need to make extra cash on the side but not sure how? We show you how to increase your monthly income through different sources.

Whether it’s starting your own small business or working a part-time gig, there are a multitude of ways and opportunities to earn the extra cash you need.

Your full-time job may not be enough to cover your monthly living expenses, pay off any debt that you may have and make contributions towards your savings and retirement fund.

Facing our current economic situation, having multiple streams of income is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

We have ten creative ideas for a profitable side hustle:

  1. Turn your hobby into a small business – If you have a skill that you are passionate about such as cooking, baking or fashion designing, you can start a business selling your baked goodies, food or clothes.
  2. Drive for Uber or Bolt – If you have a vehicle, you could register to become a part-time driver with the added benefit of being able to work on your own schedule.
  3. Become a food delivery driver – Make extra money in your free time by delivering food to hungry customers in your area.
  4. Advertise on your car – Earn a passive income with little effort by getting paid to drive around with a business advertisement wrapped around your car. The more you drive, the more you earn.
  5. Rent out a spare room in your home – With platforms such as Airbnb, it’s easy to list your accommodation and earn money as a host to travelling guests and tourists.
  6. Become an online tutor – Virtual classrooms have become a norm. Why not sign up to tutor students and share your knowledge on a wide variety of topics?
  7. Become an influencer – Many businesses are looking to get exposure on the internet, so you can approach your favourite brands and partner up with them. If you have a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you can get paid to post ads on your pages.
  8. Take surveys – Get paid for answering questions and giving your opinion on different products or rating service providers.
  9. Start a blog – Pick a topic to write about such as food, fashion or home décor and earn money on your website through securing online advertisers.
  10. Become a virtual assistant – Provide online support to businesses while working in the comfort of your home. If you’re an organised person, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

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  • This article has been written to assist you in thinking of ways to supplement your income, but should not be considered financial advice. 
  • Legal&Tax legal plans do not cover ventures for gain or business matters.
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