Seven ways to get exam ready

Stressed for exams? Don’t be. TeleTeacher is here for you.

When it comes to exams, parents and children can get equally stressed. So we’ve provided these seven helpful tips to help you help your kids study.

  1. Break it down: Breaking down schoolwork into smaller chunks and studying in shorter bursts helps you remember more. And here’s a tip: continuous work always gives better results than last-minute cramming.
  2. Make time: Draw up a timetable for the period running up to exams, dividing the work that needs to be covered by the days left to study.
  3. Practice makes perfect: The best way to know you are ready for exams is by practising the work. A good way to do this is to set mock exams or find standardised tests/past papers from previous years to get yourself ready.
  4. Be present: It’s crucial that pupils don’t miss classes. Waking up early, being more active in class and talking to friends and family members about content learnt in class will also help.
  5. Take breaks: Concentration spans can only last for a certain period, so taking short breaks every 60 or 90 minutes is a good idea. A brisk walk is also a great way to recharge.
  6. Eat well: Remember, when you feed the body, you feed the mind. Make sure to eat healthy meals that include fruits and vegetables, and don't skip meals.
  7. Rest up: Make sure everyone in the family gets a good night’s sleep. Make time to wind down if there’s been studying in the evening. A bit of light reading is a great way to get to sleep.

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