Adding Legal family dependants cover

You can add family members to your plan. That way, with the help of Legal&Tax, you never have to worry about your family’s rights.

Legal Gold: For R63p/m (per person)

Legal Prestige: For R83p/m (per person)

Legal Prestige+: For R115p/m (per person)

Who can be added:

  • Children older than 18
  • Parents/Parents-in-law
  • Siblings
  • A maximum of three dependants can be added to your plan

Adding Parent and/or Parent-in-Law funeral cover

Funeral Prestige: For R161 p/m (per person) for R10 000 funeral cover.

Funeral Prestige+: For R187 p/m (per person) for R15 000 funeral cover.

The maximum entry age for a parent to be added to a funeral policy is 74 years old. There is no expiry age. Parents are not covered if the additional accidental death cover is added.

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