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Debt doesn’t have to be forever. We’re here to offer you support and knowledge, so you can protect the things you love and fight for the things that really matter.

Feeling overwhelmed
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When it comes to debt, you’re not alone. According to a report issued by the World Bank, South Africans are one of the biggest borrowers in the world. The truth is, most people are currently in debt. The important thing is, we’ll help you get your financial freedom back.

How can Debt Assist help?

  • Our Debt Assist department is operated by professionals who include registered debt counsellors, attorneys and experienced negotiators
  • We guarantee confidentiality
  • If you do not wish to be placed under debt review, we can negotiate payment arrangements on your behalf and assist by asking for extensions to avoid repossession of your assets or assess if sequestration may be the best option to relieve your financial stress
  • We offer you access to unlimited advice, from budgeting to taking out loans
  • We offer protection from being harassed and pressured by credit providers and debt collectors.
  • We’ll help you restore and improve your credit record profile

You will pay what you can afford and maintain a dignified lifestyle

We care about our members and want to give you a guiding hand wherever the path of life leads you. For this reason, Debt Assist is included in our legal and funeral packages.

Call 0860 587 587 or SMS "Debt" to 31690 and we'll call you back.

Sometimes, members get into debt for good reasons – like giving their kids the education they deserve. We understand that not all debt is a result of irresponsible spending. Our debt advisors can help you find a way to manage your debt at a rate that is manageable for you.

Lindi's Story
“Soon after purchasing our new home, my husband lost his job. This put us both under huge financial pressure.”

“Soon after purchasing our new home, my husband lost his job. This put us both under huge financial pressure. I thought it would be a good idea to get a credit card to pay for our monthly expenses, like groceries. Luckily, my Debt Assist advisor told me that taking more credit when I was already in debt was a bad idea. Instead, my advisor showed me how to restructure our finances. We learnt how to cut down on our expenses so that we could keep our house and pay for our groceries, until my husband found a new job.”  

Lindi, 36 | Restaurant Owner | Port Elizabeth*
Names have been changed to protect the identities of our clients.
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